Meet the team

Meet the team

Hey there!
It was about time to launch a blog on our website. But hey! There are already over 1M websites that trust us and check their stats using Visitor Analytics, so why not write about what we do?

Before we start giving you tips on how to use all the data that you get using our app, how to understand all those charts and graphs, what is a bounce rate or conversion, we thought about presenting our team a bit — so you know who is on the other side of the screen and why are we writing here.

Our mission is to provide easy to understand web analytics and a friendly user experience for your website — no fancy phrases, no crowded graphs, only easy to understand data. We are doing this by building stunning stats dashboards and making all the needed features accessible and understandable with just a few clicks and no tech knowledge needed.

Behind the Visitor Analytics app, there’s a team of 12 people (and more to come), experts in development, design, product and marketing.

Meet the team!

Shortly, here is what you should know about us: Andrei (the CEO) used to work at Google, but decided to develop his own product, Aurel (the CTO) is only talking code and has a huge experience in web apps, Corina (the CMO) and Andreea will write you here and everything written within the app is their fault as well, Andra (the UI/UX designer) is making the app look stunning — but you will see her work around here as well, since she is gonna make all the gifs and graphs that you will see. And the devs are translating all our texts, design and features into the functionalities that you have (thx, guys!). So, the devs will not actually write around, most probably, but they will make the blog and the app “viewable” for you.

Why should you read us?

Easy! We write what we do.
We have a bad-ass app, we’re constantly improving it, we personally answered all your questions in the past 2 years and we are going to break them down in some nice blog posts. 🙂

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