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SEO module of Visitor Analytics coming soon

What is SEO analytics?

Doing SEO on your own can be a complicated task, for several reasons. First of all, the ranking factors by which search engines decide on the relevance of a page are not always public information. This is why experts involved in SEO efforts have to permanently run tests to determine which actions actually improve rankings. Another reason is that there are often changes, major or minor, to the way the search algorithm works.

We don’t expect every owner of a website to constantly be up to speed with all the SEO metrics and to manually check if the pages on his/her website are in line with the rules that search engines bring forward.

This is why a feature that can automatically perform SEO analytics checks, with a minimal keyword input from the user, is a vital tool for all the customers that are trying to bring in more traffic from Google to their websites.

SEO analytics does just that: helps you understand more about the keywords you rank for, analyzes your website structure and content and provides solutions in order to help you rank better for those keywords. All from within the website analytics app that is already providing you information about your website traffic stats: Visitor Analytics. No need to pile up an additional plugin or extension for SEO.

What to expect from an analytics SEO feature

You should expect a SEO analytics feature to provide you with the answers to the following questions.

  • Keyword research: what are the keywords/search terms you rank the highest for? On what position in the search results? What are some related keywords that could also bring you organic traffic? What about other keywords you would like to rank for? How difficult would it be to rank on these? How much search volume do they have?

  • Backlinks analytics: how many other websites are linking to yours, increasing your authority on the web? Who are they? Where else could you get useful backlinks from? 

  • SEO hints for specific pages: based on the keywords and backlinks analytics, what can you improve on your pages in order to get more organic search traffic? Should you use your keyword more often? Are you using enough semantically related words to give the proper context for your keyword? How readable is the content? Are you also using images on your page? Do they have alt text?  

  • Competitor analytics: who are the websites ranking above you? How do you use them as benchmarks? What do they do in order to keep their SERP positions high? Are there other specific competitors you want to compare to, in terms of SEO analytics data?    

There is no need to worry about algorithm updates and changing SEO rules. The SEO analytics feature will already take these into account and provide you with analytics reports based on the latest available guidelines.