Account Settings

All you need to know about your account settings

In your account settings you can manage your websites, add your account information, or find an overview of your invoices. For more information, please click one of the articles below:

  1. Manage your websites
  2. Manage your account details
  3. Manage your invoices

Manage your website(s)

General overview

In this view you are being presented all the websites that were added to your account. Every line of the table shows one website for which you are either the "owner" or a "contributor" (role with not all rights). The table consists of three columns:

  1. Column. In this column you will find...
    1. the URL of the website
    2. the website role, which the account you are currently logged in with, has for this website
    3. the pricing plan this website is currently moving on (important hint: if you have a WiX-website, you will only see a link "View on WiX") depending on the website's traffic
    4. the status of the website. So whether it is "active" or "inactive" in regards to tracking data. Currently "ON" reflects the status that this website has been tracked with >1 visitors.

      Important note: So there could be the case, that you find a website with the status "OFF", even though you installed the tracking code correctly. Please either visit the website yourself (if you have not excluded your own visits from tracking) or wait for the first visit to happen on your website. The status should be "ON" afterwards. To check whether the tracking code has been installed correctly, you can always click on the red or green sheet icon at the top right within the header.
    5. tracking code icon "<>" (only shown to website admins). This opens the tracking code for this website
    6. "People" icon. This opens a new modal enabling you to add new/delete existing contributors to/from this website. 
    7. "trash icon". If you want to delete a website from your account, click here. It opens a new modal leading you through the process.
    8. icon with "window and gearing wheel". This opens the website settings of this specific website.

      Important note for this column: If the account you logged in to, has the role of a contributor, the icons are rearranged, some information like pricing plan is not visible and you will not have the possibility to delete a website. You can only leave a website as a contributor by clicking on the door-icon on the very right of the icon bar. You need to confirm this step by entering your password.
  2. Column. In this column you will find...
    1. the "Copy ID" link. This ID is generated by Visitor Analyitcs and has not anything to do with the website's tracking code. Its sole purpose is to make an integration with Google Tag Manager possible. If you want to copy the website's ID, just click on the corresponding link.
    2. an overview of the website's visitors, unique visitors, page visits and conversions.
  3. Column. This column provides you with...
    1. a chart with the number of visitors on the vertical y-axis of this website in the selected time range in the upper right corner of "manage websites" view.
    2. Hint: If you move your cursor to single data points within the chart, you will see additional information.

Hint: Please also see further articles in relation to this section by clicking here

Adding a new website

If you want to add a new website, you need to click on the button "+ Add a new website" in the upper left corner of the view. You will then be forwarded to a modal "Do you want to add a WiX Website".

  1. If you do, please click the button "Yes": You will be forwarded to WiX. If you want to know how Visitor Analytics can be added to a WiX website, please click here. The WiX website will be added to your account afterwards.
  2. If you do want to add any other type of website (Weebly, WordPress, any html-website, etc.), please click on the button "No": You will be forwarded to another modal, which asks you to enter the URL of the website and set the timezone. If you want to know how Visitor Analytics has to be installed on a certain type of website please check our corresponding support section here.

Hint: Please also see further articles in relation to this section by clicking here

Deleting a website

Important note upfront: This is only possible if you have access to an admin-account on a website. 

If you are really sure about deleting a website from your account (this action cannot be reversed, nor can we re-establish data once it is deleted), you have to go into the line of the table in which the website is shown that you want to delete. If you are the admin of this website, you will see a little "trash"-icon. If you click this trash icon, a new modal will open, asking you to confirm this step by entering your password. 

Please also see further articles in relation to this section by clicking here.

In general, at Visitor Analytics we differentiate between two roles:

  1. "Owner" of a website: Someone who can basically perform all settings which are available for a website (even delete it, etc.). You are an owner if you added a website to your account and added another: 
  2. "Contributor" of a website: This person was added to "contribute" to a specific website. He can see all information (currently it is not possible to give access only to certain modules) but only has limited rights when it comes to settings (i.e. this person cannot delete a website, he can only "leave the website"). 

You can see the role of your account for a website in the first column. If you want to edit the current contributors of a website (only possible as an owner), you can click on the "people-icon" (also placed in the first column of this view) and a new modal will open up. In this modal, you see the current list of added contributors with their name, email-address and status (active = has confirmed contribution / inactive = has not confirmed contribution). You can perform two actions here:

  1. Deleting a contributor: you can do so as an owner by clicking on the "trash"-icon on the very right of each contributors line. Another modal will open up in which you will have to confirm your action by entering your account password.
  2. Adding a new contributor: this option is only available for owners. In the lower left part of the modal, you will see the button "Add website contributor". A new modal will open up. Please follow the simple instructions there. 

Please also see further articles in relation to this section by clicking here.

In this view you can update the following information of your account:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email-address
  • Password

Important hint: If you want to edit your email-address or your password, please click on the link "edit" in the corresponding lines of each element and follow the described process.

Manage your invoices

This table provides you with a list of all your invoices.

Important notes upfront:

  1. These invoices only refer to "non-WiX-websites". The billing for WiX-websites is done separately on WiX.
  2. This view includes all invoices from all websites added to your Visitor Analytics account. If you want to have a list of only website specific bills, please go to the website settings.

The table is made of the following columns:

  • Billing date: Date that the invoice has been created
  • URL: Refers to the internet address of the website this bill refers to
  • Amount: The billing amount in USD (further currencies will be available soon)
  • Status: Status of the payment (Paid, unpaid, etc.)
  • View Invoice: By clicking on the corresponding icons in this table, you will be forwarded to the PDF-download of each bill.