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33 holidays and funky days to engage with your visitors easier

June 01, 2018

01. June 2018


Summer is here and so are the offers! There are sunny posters everywhere, summer-ish themes all around the corner and plenty of reasons to celebrate.

There is a lot of potential for your campaigns and your website in June and we are here to give you some juicy ideas!
We gathered a list of holidays and funky days to tweak your communication and engage with your visitors easier.

Here are 33 days that you can use to make a promotion, send a shoutout to your customers or create some funky content on your blog:

1st of June

  • Children’s Day (International) — there are plenty of creative actions to take when it comes to Children’s Day! Just take a minute to transform all the ideas into business actions and conversions. Have a toy store? Create a toy giveaway. Or a funky online game. Or you can just share some nice pictures for all the kids out there.
  • World Milk Day (international) — dairy websites, we are looking at you now!
  • Neighbours’ Day (international) — in case you want to make some nice posts about community or create giveaways for your neighbours. Or your visitors’ neighbours.
  • Flip a Coin Day —There is always a good reason to flip a coin and take decisions. Use this to engage with your visitors!
  • National Doughnut Day always the first Friday in June— doughnuts are always welcomed! Just find a good way to use them for your website visitors. Or make a doughnut with your team. That is also welcomed.

    3rd of June

    • Repeat Day (I said “Repeat Day”)

    You can always sell your walkie-talkie during a Repeat Day. Or make a paintball post. OR create a post on your website about repeating something. Or just repeat one of your successful campaigns!

    4th of June

    • Hug Your Cat Day

    Yes, it is our favourite. Just share a lot of cats on your social channels. It will be socially accepted and people will engage with your furry-ious content. Hence, a higher reach.

    • National Cheese Day

    Cheese lovers will be also in heaven if you tweak this day in their favour. Dairy websites, we are pointing at you again. Or wine websites. Cheeseburgers’ sales can also benefit from this – just to know.

      5th of June

      • World Environment Day

      There is a lot to do to make our life and world better. But you can always do something for the environment and raise awareness about it.

      6th of June

      • National Gardening Exercise Day

      Get out and exercise with your plants! And if you have a gardening website or a flowershop, use this to create some awareness, make some funky posts and make people fall in love with plants again!
      Looking for something a bit more funky, wacky or just different? We have your back!

      • National Yo-Yo Day


      7th of June

      • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

      8th of June

      • Best Friends Day
      • World Ocean Day

      9th of June

      • Donald Duck Day
      • National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
      • Ball Point Pen Day
      • Herb and Spices Day

      12th of June

      • National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
      • Red Rose Day

      15th of June

      • Smile Power Day

      16th of June

      • Fresh Veggies Day

      17th of June

      • Eat Your Vegetables Day (of course it had to be right after fresh veggies day)
      • Father’s Day – third Sunday

      18th of June

      • International Picnic Day

      21st of June

      • Go Skate Day
      • National Selfie Day
      • Finally Summer Day / Summer Solstice

        22nd of June

        • National Chocolate Eclair Day

        23 of June

        • National Pink Day

        27th of June

        • Sun Glasses Day

        30th of June

        • Meteor Day

        There are plenty of things to celebrate! Use these days to engage with your visitors, your customers and your team! Make sure you tailor the above holidays to your business, your personality and your customers’ interests. Once you do it, you will have a stunning campaign and a lot of impressed visitors.

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