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4 Essential Visitor Analytics Features with Real-Life Examples

May 21, 2019

21. May 2019


There are so many valuable insights you can find out about your audience while using Visitor Analytics! Each and every one of them can help you evaluate your website performance and make better decisions! But do you know how to use these essential features and insights?

We want to simplify your everyday analytics and improve data-driven decision-making. So we associated each stat with a use case, for a better understanding.

Here is our pick of 4 important Visitor Analytics features and their application in real-life businesses.

Website Visitors Path and History

With Visitor Analytics you can map out visitors’ journey and see how they interacted with your web pages so that you may improve content and engagement. You can see the list of pages visited by each visitor, with a timestamp, the visitor’s country and approximate location. You can also see their IP (if you did not anonymize it), device type, OS, browser and their past activity on your website.

This is one of our best features! And we can offer it to you because unlike many other analytics products, Visitor Analytics has its own tracking system.

Mini-use case

Alex owns a Bed and Breakfast in the countryside. On his website, he also promotes traditional homemade products and souvenirs made by the people in the village. He uses Visitor Analytics to see how many visitors came to his website to book a room and ended up checking out the products or even requesting them. This way he can see if that specific part of the site can be turned into a successful side business.

Referral Sites

The referring sites feature in Visitor Analytics will show you what domains, including search engines, are driving traffic towards your website. It basically allows you to see how many visitors you have from each referring site and on which pages the visitors landed.

Mini-use case

Jennifer and her team recently launched a fitness app and started collaborating with influencers in the industry. Their main goal at the moment is to create awareness. She uses Visitor Analytics to check traffic on the app website, and also to see from which blogs and websites visitors came to her own site. This way she knows what are the most valuable sources that can make her app to grow.

Visitor Map and Location

There are multiple ways of knowing your visitors’ location: Visitor Analytics Map, Live Visitors Map and via the visitors’ distribution per country and city. All these are placed in the menu under Visitors!

On the virtual map, you can see the visitors’ approximate location on the globe, and if you have a cluster with a higher number — just click it and it will break in smaller clusters based on your visitors’ location and distribution. Or you can play around with the location and see the top countries and cities your visitors come from.

Mini-use case

Amy has dedicated her life to raising funds for underprivileged children from European countries. Her NGO grew really fast and she managed to attract money from several different countries. By checking the Map in Visitor Analytics, Amy can see the location of her site visitors. This way she is able to decide on what languages she should translate her websites’ content, in order to improve the user experience for foreigners.

Visitor Analytics Overview: Visitors, Visits and Bounce Rate

Well, this is not an actual feature, but the Visitor Analytics overview offers a sneak peek of all your stats and their performance without making any clicks.

When it comes to website analytics, the most popular metrics are the Visitors, Unique Visitors, and Page Visits. You can easily see the number of website visitors, how many pages do people visit usually, what is the percentage of people who interact with your page (bounce rate) and see a short colour-coded comparison to your previous data — do not forget that if you check your overview for today we will always compare it to yesterday and you will see all your metrics in green for increases or red for decreases.

Mini-use case

Anna is a very busy businesswoman. She owns a small restaurant and a successful cooking blog. She is aware of how important it is to know her target audience in order to offer them relevant information. But, while juggling with her business and blog, she does not have time to learn how to interpret complex analytics. With Visitor Analytics she simply logs in from her phone and sees all the data she is interested in at one glance: the number of visitors and new visitors and the number of page visits!

Can you identify yourself with the people above? Think about it and let us know in what ways has Visitor Analytics helped you out with your business! If you are interested in this subject, you should also check this article on business decisions and on understanding website analytics.

Also, do not forget about our affiliate campaign! You can help others understand their site stats and earn some money while doing so — 20% of their payments to be more precise!

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