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5 tips to launch a successful Instagram campaign for your business

October 07, 2020

07. October 2020

Instagram has turned 10 this year. About 600 million people access Instagram every day. According to Sproutsocial, there are over 1 billion active users on the social network. 1 billion people to communicate with through photos, videos, stories, and much more through your Instagram business account!

But keep in mind that Instagram is a very particular type of social media. Please be aware of these particularities when you start communicating from your brand on this channel. For one thing, the user average age is somewhat smaller than on Facebook, at about 34, with a significant number of adolescents being active.

Then, the frequency of Instagram use is topped only by, again, Facebook use. There are a lot of heavy users on it.

The relationship with brands seems to be good, as most Instagram users tend to have a positive attitude towards the brands present on the network, as long as they post creative and entertaining content. At least that's what Facebook is telling us in their study.

No matter how you look at it, Instagram is a good home for brands and a perfect channel to promote what you do, get your visual content in the feed of a new audience and an easy and quick way to engage with your followers.

Having a marketing strategy for your business is essential, but adding a strong content strategy for your Instagram business account will play a fundamental role in your brand.

5 tips to successfully launch an Instagram business account and run effective campaigns

1. Define your goals

Why do you want to use Instagram? Who are your customers? What do they like? What are they looking for? Where and when is the right time to show up in your target audience feed?

If you have an e-commerce website with beauty products, you may want to highlight your products and people showcasing their benefits. If you have a coffee shop, make sure you post a lot of pictures with your mouth-watering goodies, daily promo, morning coffees and so on.

The idea is to create content based on what you want to achieve and to suit your followers’ attitude and style!

2. Highlight your brand creativity

Set your profile to business!

Having a business Instagram profile will help you feature your mail, location, phone number, and industry.

Once these are set, start getting creative and use your brand identity as much as you can! Write a creative bio, create a few highlights for your stories, decide the hashtags you will use – you can even build your own unique hashtag, so people can use it when they post about you.

3. Engage with your community

Do not post and go! Make sure to like and comment on your tags, followers or mentions. Answer the comments and follow the trends. Craft amazing stories, polls and AMA (ask me anything) sessions.

If you have a B2B (business to business) approach, you may consider showing off your team, behind the scenes and everything that makes your clients happy and your business run.

The whole idea of Instagram is to be as human-centered as possible: craft some friendly captions, use emojis, be kind and fun, use some good call to actions (like check the link in bio! or drop us a comment with… ), and add the hashtags that your audience is interested in.

4. Set the Frequency & Timing of your posts

There are plenty of tips and tricks regarding when to post and how often. No matter the source you decide to consider, our recommendation is to ask yourself these questions first: how often is my audience on Instagram? What is the best hour for them to consume my content? When do I want them to see my posts?

If you have a coffee shop, you may want to post those lattés and the fancy breakfast very early in the morning, so people can see it and stop at your place before going to work. If it is weekend, make sure to post fun and relaxing content.

5. Check your Instagram and your site stats

Stats are magic: they can tell you the good, the bad and the optimizable.

Understanding analytics will be much easier if you will constantly check-up which posts performed best, which ones had lots of views but no engagement or which links were clicked most and from where (bio, swipe-up). This helps you optimize your strategy and content in no time!

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