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A new website analytics tool available for Weebly users

March 24, 2020

24th of March 2020 4 Minutes and 30 Seconds read

Are you a website owner operating on Weebly? Would you like to gain unique insights about your visitors and their interactions with your site?

There is a new comprehensive tool available to help Weebly users understand more about their website traffic and visitor behavior. The Visitor Analytics app can now be found in the Weebly App Center.

All that Weebly users need to do is go to the app center while logged in to their Weebly account, search for Visitor Analytics and click on the "add" button. This will immediately open a dashboard displaying their stats overview. The process is as it easy as it gets. If you need assistance with the install, you can check our support page

Note: at this time, the app is available only in the "Pro", “Business” and “Business Plus” Weebly packages.

Why add Visitor Analytics to your Weebly site

Weebly users with premium packages will have noticed that the platform provides them some basic data about website traffic, but they may want to get valuable additional insights about their visitors. 

What the Weebly default analytics data includes: 

  • unique visits, page views, average pageviews per unique visits

  • top active pages each month, the top referring websites and search terms

What is available by adding Visitor Analytics is more than just an overview of traffic:

  • Follow the individual path of the latest visitors of your website. See where they started browsing from, which pages they navigated to and where they exited.

  • Check the interactive map of your visitors, which offers the approximate location of all your users.  

  • Dive deeper into your insights, and see your pages’ performance. You can discover which are the most popular pages, and then optimize your website’s content based on actual data.

  • Use UTM campaigns to better understand what is driving content to your website.

  • Filter all the website traffic data based on OS, device or browser.

  • Watch full recordings of the visitor actions on your website. See directly where they click, tap, move their mouse and scroll. These recordings may be of importance when you are looking for usability issues in your website. You will be able to replay them at any moment.

  • Visitor session replays come with details such as time of visit, referrer, entry and exit pages, visited pages, browser, OS and device  

  • Using the Visitor Recordings feature you will now better understand: where and why drop-offs happen, where users get stuck on the page, what you can do to improve their experience
  • You can either record all visits to the website (regardless of the visited website pages) or visits to a specific page. Also available, selecting a set of pages that are similar (the same URL path).
  • You can apply conditions to record. You can choose to record only click & scroll sessions, as well as select only visits with a certain minimum duration.

From visitor stats and webpage traffic details to behavioral analytics such as visitor recordings, Visitor Analytics provides you with the analytical and behavioral tools you need in order to know exactly how well your website is performing, and then take action to help your conversions grow.

How to add Visitor Analytics to a Weebly website

If you need guidance for adding analytics to your Weebly site, visit our support page or watch the following video:


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