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Alternative to Google Analytics | Why use Visitor Analytics

Looking for an alternative to Google Analytics or for more reasons on why use Visitor Analytics?

We have your answer!

Understanding analytics helps you grow your website traffic! You can easily understand your customers’ activity on the website and have more efficient communication based on their interests. Or launch a promotion based on their location and know the perfect time to publish a post on your site or blog.

Most analytics tools offer these basic statistics about your website, but they tend to be very detailed and cumbersome. Hence, you need to go through tens of menu options, charts and drop-downs to declutter all the stats.

Alternative to Google Analytics

If you are a website owner looking for an alternative to Google Analytics or other complicated analytics tools — you are in the right place!
We launched Visitor Analytics for entrepreneurs, bloggers and businesses who lack the time to learn new tools or to go through tens of pages. For website owners who want to see their performance through a friendly interface and a GDPR compliant app!
Oh! And no worries! We are not competing with Google, and we do not want to be better than them or other well-known analytics tools.
We developed Visitor Analytics to be a solution for the ones looking for website analytics made simple, privacy and GDPR.
Thus, what we do is to offer a Google Analytics alternative that does a better job of helping non-technical people understand their sites’ traffic and at keeping the data safe.

1. We do not cross track, we do not work with advertisers, and all the data is yours.

Visitor Analytics tracks all the activity on the website, while Google tracks all the activity across its products and services: in your Gmail, Drive, Adsense, Search, etc. This is the reason that you may get ads based on what you search, listen on YouTube or buy by using your Gmail account.

2. We are not a simple alternative to Google Analytics that is built on top of them!

Unlike other analytics apps that are built on top of GA, having our tracking system enables us to build features that are not possible within GA. An excellent example of this is that we can show you each visitor’s activity and their referrer.
So, no worries, we are not just a pretty face interface, but the pretty software as well, as we developed our tracking systems.
Oh, and do not get us wrong! GA can be a useful tool, but it takes some time to get used to it, and it depends on your business priorities. At the end of the day, GA analyst it’s a fulltime job for some people, and it pays well!

3. Simple website analytics and real-time data

Visitor Analytics is super easy to install, and there is no need for time to learn how to use it! Your website statistics show up in your dashboard from the moment you installed the app, so no need to wait for hours or days to see the first numbers!

The menu has only 5 categories — and one of them is an overview of everything you should know about your website.

The interface is color-coded: the stats are green if you have an increase, red for decrease and grey for the same data. To be more specific, if you check the stats for today, we always compare them to your yesterday data — so you know if your traffic is higher (or not) than yesterday without any extra click.

Reviews of Visitor Analytics: what other people think of us and how do they use it?

There are over 1.6M websites that trust us with their data, but here are a few reviews from different markets that we are integrated with.
Gonzalo Mongrut wrote his thoughts when Visitor Analytics launched on Product Hunt:

These are just the latest reviews that we have on the Wix Market:

WordPress is one of the new markets that we launched a plugin on, but here’s what our first review:

How to install Visitor Analytics

We hope that everything is covered and you will know why is Visitor Analytics a better alternative than Google Analytics from now on. Moreover, since you are here, you can also check our articles on Understanding Website Analytics, What is Referral Traffic and Why is it Important and What is the Bounce Rate.

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