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Autumn holidays and funky days to run offers, season sales and campaigns

September 28, 2018

28. September 2018

Autumn is here and plenty of campaigns, offers and season sales are all over the internet! Not to mention the beautiful colors surrounding us. Hence plenty of things to celebrate!

A while ago we suggested you 33 holidays and funky days to engage with your visitors easier during summer and you loved it! So here is the autumn version!

Before going into specific days, just a short head-up to remind you that October is the month that celebrates:



  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • American Pharmacist Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Computer Learning Month
  • Cookie Month
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • International Drum Month
  • National Diabetes Month
  • National Pizza Month
  • National Vegetarian Month
  • Sarcastic Month

Now! Going a bit deeper into this autumn here are some days that you could use to promote your restaurant, coffee shop, healthcare or causes NGOs, education-interested people or small business services. Start writing new content, run a campaign or boost your image using these creative, bold or wacky holidays!

  • Oct.01 is the National Homemade Cookies Day in the US and International Coffee Day all around the world
  • Oct.02 If you are looking for a cause, this is the International Day of Non-Violence in the world. On the fun side, you can use this day as Name Your Car Day
  • Oct.03 is the Techies Day and National Walk and Bike to School Day
  • Oct.04 is quite an active and funky day for the beverage industry: National Taco Day,  National Cinnamon Roll Day. The Arts and Entertainment people can celebrate the National Poetry Day
  • Oct.05 is one of our favorite days! It is the Do Something Nice Day and World Teachers Day. So, make sure that you will do something nice and you will call your fav teacher ever just to tell them how much you appreciate the work and effort of their job. And to remind them how much they inspire the kids.
  • Oct.06 Mad Hatter Day and you should definitely celebrate it by getting silly and wear your crazy top hat! If you are more like a foodie, then enjoy the National Noodle Day


  • Oct.07 Oktoberfest in Germany ends, but you can enjoy the National Frappe Day (even though it might be a bit cold for this). It is also World Smile Day, so do not forget to have some fun too!
  • Oct.08 is the National Pierogi Day in the US, but the Polish might want to celebrate it more.  So, make sure you will go to a Polish restaurant or throw a Polish-themed potluck and challenge your friends and visitors to make their best pierogi.
  • Oct.09 Curious Events Day and World Post Day
  • Oct.10 On the health side, there is the World Mental Health Day. On the fun side, you can Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
  • Oct.11 It is quite a serious and awareness day. So here is what you should be aware of:  National Coming Out Day, National Depression Screening Day and National Pet Obesity Day. So make sure to be kind and listen to your dear ones. And take care of your pets!
  • Oct.12 is National Farmers Day and you can definitely support the locals and spread the word! It is the Moment of Frustration Day too, but we hope you will not celebrate this.
  • Oct.13 is more like a health day to point out Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day and World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. You can also get a bunch of colorful M&Ms and celebrate National M&M Day.
  • Oct.14 National Dessert Day and yes, you can order that cake today. Twice. You can do it every day, actually.
  • Oct.15 This is a great day for education! We can start with the Global Handwashing Day — even though this sounds simple, do not forget that washing hands saves lives and by doing so we are not spreading any microbes. And for the ones that love numbers, get ready for the World Maths Day!
  • Oct.16 Is the National Boss’s day and the Feral cat day. A good day to say thank you to your coworker-boss and pet or save a feral cat.
  • Oct.17 National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, to check what is with all those saved files on your desktop.
  • Oct.18 No Beard Day if you want to mock the hipsters and National Chocolate Cupcake Day to make the day a bit sweeter
  • Oct.19 is quite a complex day! Seems like it is a good autumn to see this Friday as the Evaluate Your Life Day, to celebrate the National Mammography Day; to get out, spread the word and celebrate the National New Friends Day and do not forget about the World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day
  • Oct.20 National Day of Writing
  • Oct.21 National Reptile Awareness Day and Count Your Buttons Day
  • Oct.23 National Mole Day, the unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists, chemistry students and chemistry enthusiasts on October 23, between 6:02 a.m. and 6:02 p.m (see what they did there?)
  • Oct.25 World Pasta Day to promote and showcase the best Italian food out there.
  • Oct.26 National Pumpkin Day
  • Oct.27 National Tell a Story Day – in Scotland and the U.K. But you can also celebrate the Navy Day and the National Black Cat Day
  • Oct.28 is quite a cute day! Here are the holidays: Mother-In-Law Day, Plush Animal Lover’s Day, National Pit Bull Awareness Day and National Chocolate Day
  • Oct.29 As we get near the end of the month, holidays get a bit more diverse! On this day people celebrate the National Frankenstein Day, National Cat Day, the National Internet Day and the World Psoriasis Day
  • Oct. 30 is the Mischief Night and the National Checklist Day
  • Oct. 31 Is the Carve a Pumpkin Day (no surprise here, we know!) and the candy & horror Halloween night!

Use all these ideas to tweak your online (and offline) communication, spread the word about what is happening, offer promo codes, autumn sales and to get inspired when writing your content! We are, definitely, looking forward to seeing your great campaigns or new site themes & colors!

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