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A New App on the Market that Beeps Every Time your Data is Sent to Google

August 26, 2022

Worried about Google collecting data from your computer?

For some of us, the action of Google tracking our actions might not give us peace at night. As a result of this, Bert Hubert, a developer, and privacy supporter has designed a demo app with the function of beeping every time Google receives data from your computer.

The app is named “Googerteller” and uses every searcher IP address that Google freely makes available, except those connected to the Google Cloud service - everything from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Chrome, and so on. 

Whether using an application or browsing the web, you'll hear a beep each time your computer connects to one of those IP addresses.

If you watch Hubert’s demo video, you'll hear a beep after each typing into Chrome's address bar when the browser receives autocomplete recommendations. To prove the worth of this application, Hubert demonstrated nearly identical outcomes while using Firefox, despite the possibility that some people might claim that Chrome is integrated with Google.

Sadly, the application is only designed for Linux-based operating systems, but you can download it for free.

Overall, the purpose of this software is to promote awareness—a noisy, beeping awareness—of how frequently Google obtains information about your regular browsing habits. It is entirely up to you what you decide to do with that information.

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