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How to create a stunning About us page

May 23, 2018

23. May 2018

There are two common types of people when it comes to About us pages: the ones that keep writing everything about them, their services and how great they are. And the ones that make a very short About us, with a very general statement.

But is this enough for your business website?

An About us page is like the business card for your website and the catch for a lead looking to know more about who you are!

Of course, there is no template or perfect layout to tell a story, but we can draw attention to what should you consider when you start creating your text. Think like your best customer when you create your text: what would they be interested in? What are your most resourceful and catchy talks with your clients?

Here is what you should consider when crafting your content!

What is your mission and why should your customers be there?

Telling your mission is highly important, but keep in mind that you should mention this so people will understand why should they care?

How are you solving their problem? What do you do to make your customers’ experience easier?

There are plenty of websites out on the internet. And everyone aims to be unique, different and, of course, to sell. Quite often we tent do analyse our content too much and we start to miss the most important part: our stories. We forget that our visitor do not know who we are. So, based on your answers above, you can start creating a one-line sentence (ok, maybe a short paragraph) with a clear and catchy statement about you, your mission and why should your visitors become your customers!

People love stories

Showcase your story! Impress your visitors with your adventures, ups and downs and what makes your business stronger. This will make people trust you more, see the experience behind your team and know how will you face the challenges in the industry.

Telling them your story can create an aha! moment and your visitors will suddenly understand how can you fix their problems if they will find themselves in the challenge.

Tell them who your customer is

Every business has a specific vision, mission and values! Therefore, the services that you might provide will actually fall under those statements and target a specific type of customer.

Think about your customers more and answer yourself these questions:

  • Why should they use you as a solution?
  • How are you going to help them?
  • What are their problems?
  • Who are they?

Now because you know the answers, make a short sentence about this. Craft it nicely, tweak it with your values, create a catch for your page and publish it!

Of course, you can always add some nice pictures, visuals, your team or a testimonial to your About page. Make sure you tailor the above steps to your business, your personality and your customers’ interests. Once you do it, you will have a stunning About us and a lot of impressed visitors.

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