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How to Prioritize Posts in your Facebook Feed

April 22, 2020

22nd of April 2020 1 Minute and 30 Seconds read

You probably noticed by now that the people and pages you interacted with the least on Facebook started showing less and less in your newsfeed. 

Like your father’s cousin whom you saw once in your life at a wedding, but he felt the need to add you on social media, or that guy from your hometown who keeps posting pictures of his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, over and over again. If you don’t engage with these friends’ profiles or pages, they will stop showing up eventually.

This is happening because the Facebook algorithm updates are trying to sort out what type of content you like or dislike and filter the pieces of content that get to your feed.
Unfortunately, this way valuable information can get lost.

What is Facebook See First?


Facebook decides the organic reach of pages and groups, but you can change your newsfeed preferences with only a few clicks.

You can choose to see shared content from a friend or a page and update your newsfeed preferences by following these steps:

  1. Go to the page you are interested in seeing Facebook posts from.
    For example
  2. Make sure you are Following that Facebook page;
  3. Click the small arrow on the Following button;
  4. Select See First.

By choosing to do this, you will: 

  • Clean up your Facebook newsfeed;
  • Never miss posts from your loved ones;
  • Be up to date on your favorite apps and products;
  • Separate valuable information from fake news;
  • Show support to your favorite businesses by increasing their post reach.

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