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How To Promote Your Website For Free

August 06, 2019

06. August 2019


You founded a business, created a website and the marketing challenges are knocking on your door! We will try to help you overcome them easier by giving you tips on how to promote your website for free and grow your online business with confidence and stats.

The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are over. If you want your marketing to get the attention it deserves, you need to own your customer experience and to fully understand your users: what do they read, what are their interests, what do they browse or research information, why do they have a challenge, how can you help/support them in achieving their goals and what is the need that they expect you to meet.

Why is this important?

In order to promote your website to reach a wider audience, you need a multichannel marketing approach. Today we will go through one of the first steps: finding valuable and highly-visited online platforms that allow you to list or feature your website for free!

We researched a lot on this topic and created a list of places to promote your site and content for free. Listing your content and URL across multiple distribution channels will help you increase your discoverability, improve your SEO efforts through backlinks and strengthen your reputation through reviews and a more transparent approach towards your product and services.

Business Platforms & Directories to list your site

Review platforms to build a reputation for your site and services

Social Media & other user-generated channels to promote your site

Portfolio platforms to showcase your creative designs and artworks

All these channels will help you build a community around your business and higher traffic and it takes just a few minutes to set up an account on each of them! Of course, there are plenty of other opportunities and channels, but this can be a start for you and it is free of charge!

For more ideas and inspiration on how to increase your website traffic, check these posts:

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