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How to use Visitor Analytics to Increase Traffic to Your Website

July 18, 2019

18. July 2019



We all want to get customers, but to have a conversion, you will need a fair amount of people to visit your website. Hence, we decided to write a short guide on how to use Visitor Analytics to increase traffic to your website.

Growing a business and a website takes time and effort: you have to create and share a lot of insightful and quality content over the months (or even years).

Even though it may sound like a lot of work, here are a few tips to increase the traffic based on your website analytics data.

Get social with your brand

Know your traffic sources! Do you get enough traffic from social media channels or from Google? Do you have partners who recommend you? Or the number of referring sites and the generated traffic is very low, and you need to work on this a bit more?

Having a Facebook page or group is not enough anymore for a while now. We are living digital times, and people consume pixels and digital information more than never. Depending on your company target group and industry, you need to make sure you have an active presence on other platforms as well, such as:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram and IG videos
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Google My Business
  • Review platforms
  • Industry-specific directories

By “active presence” we mean more than having a profile or page! But to continually post insightful content that encourages engagement, get followers, make sure you have a good rating across the review platforms, create a community and respond to your followers to keep the communication up to and build trust.

All these actions will make it much easier for you to understand the market needs, voice and to strategically position your business to generate new leads. At the end of the day, leads and business partners are people as well (and they also browse the social media channels).

Get seen in the Search Engines and Start blogging

If amongst your referral traffic there is no Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go or other search engines, then you should start blogging!
Create helpful content for your target audience (be it about what you do or about connected use-cases), use the proper keywords, and share the content across all the media channels.

If you carefully write the posts to increase traffic to your website organically, you will improve your SEO by adding the new content to your page, rank higher in the search engines, bring value to your readers and convert them to customers easier. This can be quite a lengthy topic, but check this Visitor Analytics post for bloggers to learn how to track & grow your content!

Use Influencers’ superpower to generate credibility!

Influencer Marketing is a popular and highly useful way to get visibility and trustworthiness. If your website is credible, people will visit your site, and you will have a nice traffic increase in your stats. Just make sure to provide value as well and welcome them with a solution to their needs.

Influencers are usually celebrities, people and/or organizations with a high level of knowledge and social influence at the local, national, or international level for a specific industry. As you can imagine, if an influencer endorses your and promotes your brand, people will receive the endorsement positively as it comes from someone who is already known & trusted.

Check your most performing days and hours and create a giveaway

There are multiple reasons to create freebie and make a giveaway or a contest: to build awareness and visibility, increase your likes and followers’ number, build your email newsletter list or just to make your products or services well-known.

One of the first steps in understanding website analytics is to take a look into your Traffic Charts (just under Visitors menu option in the Visitor Analytics dashboard) and check when is your website peaking per month, weekdays and hours. Once you know that, just launch a great giveaway at that hour and day and make sure you will offer something that people really want because it would solve a need for them or their business.

Identify your best performing campaigns or posts by using the Campaigns features!

Add UTMs to each of your shared URLs to track the effectiveness of your online efforts, influencer, and marketing campaigns and across multiple media channels.

By seeing a simple referrer (e.g. Instagram), you will still wonder what post made the visitor click your links (was it that cat picture? the dog picture? or the team video?).

You will also identify which medium was the most successful (was it the link in bio or the story swipe up?)

Add specific UTMs to your URLs to better understand where your traffic is coming from and find out the exact referrer — e.g. newsletter, a particular hyperlinked image, marketing medium (organic, PPC, banner), campaign name or any additional information that can be tracked and we will show you the stats for each of them.

See the best performing type of posts and re-iterate!

If all these sound new to you, no worries! Here is a complete guide to using campaign URL builder for better analytics reports!

For more ideas and inspiration on how to increase your website traffic, check these posts: 

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