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July 23, 2019

23. July 2019

There is a set of questions that we get to answer as part of the marketing team or as management:

How to use Visitor Analytics for my product or service?
What is the difference between Google Analytics (or other services built on top) and Visitor Analytics?
How do you use Visitor Analytics in your team?

The first question usually has a very tailored answered (but we also created this post on how to use Visitor analytics with real-life examples), the second one is our favorite question usually (yes, we love to talk about how we can help businesses!) and we also covered it in this article named Alternative to Google Analytics | Why use Visitor Analytics and the third one – well, here we are! Trying to cover this officially as well.

Visitor Analytics was initially launched in a sort of an MVP-state and had very limited features, but since 2016 we went through multiple phases and based on 3 major steps we customized our functionalities as well.

Building and Scaling the right features for our customers

Visitor Analytics V1 was at the beginning and the team was very small as well. What we did, was to go through all the support requests that we ever had: check all the questions, see what was clear and what needed improvements, what features people needed and what metrics are easy to understand or not.

Even though most of the work was manual and very human-centered it helped us a lot and shaped our V2 a lot (the current app). Here is what we did in our first major app interaction:

  • Added a nice dashboard (overview) for people to easily see all the important stats at a glance. This helps people focus on their business and see simple and straightforward stats without going through a haystack of charts and dropdowns
  • Added color-coded stat cards. So we always compare your current status with the previous ones: if you check the data for today, it will always be compared o yesterday and you will see the increase as a green card or decrease as a red card (plus some other numbers to help you understand the context faster)
  • Split some features into tabs (such as Latest Visitor list and the Visitors’ Map)
  • Simplified the charts
  • Added tooltips and easier to understand metrics and explanations all across the app
  • Created a more dynamic and resourceful help-center and easy to reach customer support
  • Installed Visitor Analytics on Visitor Analytics and started to track our app using our own app.

Once we installed Visitor Analytics on our own app, site & blog, here is how it helped us!

Increased attention to details based on our customers’ activity

Looking into our Visitor Analytics’s dashboard we could see how many unique visitors are within the app and how many came back during a month. Which are the features most people use and what is the path and activity of a user within the app who only comes once a month or what is the path & activity of a very active user during a month.

This helped us a lot to play with colors and messaging within the app and to find all sorts of interesting actions to keep our own users engaged with the app.

We also analyzed the top countries and cities of Visitor Analytics users, so we decided to run a test and translate our app in the top 5 languages at first. We are now at 19 languages (+ English) and we have lots of plans from now on too! Everyone was happy to check their website performance in their native languages and we even had a few customers who helped us improve some terms or explanations after having a few chats with them (thanks everyone! You are awesome!)

We checked our referrers deeper. It helped us understand who drives our traffic and how many pages are checked from each referrer (are they bouncing from the homepage? do they sign up for our app? do they unsubscribe if they come from a specific referrer?). As you can imagine, we learned a lot about sources and types of traffic that we get and tried to answer this challenge in the best manner possible.

Devices are was one of our best help too: it gave us insights on the type of device our users have usually and their screen sizes, OS and browsers! We could actually change the app colors, design and responsiveness having in mind our users’ exact use cases and the tests were run on the top used devices types as well just to make sure we provide the best quality and experience for the ones who check their website statistics with Visitor Analytics.


Using Visitor Analytics helped us create a better content strategy

Knowing what our customers ask quite often, which are the features they check (or they do not) and their cultural background helped us create more meaningful content on both our blog and our social media channels.

We started to write more often about each feature and how it can be used, how to better understand statistics using Visitor Analytics, how to grow your blog using analytics and a lot of information to improve the ads campaign activity.

As you can imagine, we helped our customers understand their stats faster, test new actions and get grow their traffic. And we did not use general ideas, but we focused on real problems and questions that came to our inbox and transformed the answers in blog articles, social media posts, video tutorials, and gifs.

Boost motivation and productivity in the team

Coding or writing content without having an idea of how it is really used is not really motivating. Once we started to use Visitor Analytics on the Visitor Analytics app, website, and blog, we started to better understand how are the new features received, if the content is read and which are the most popular things we do.

This helped us do everything better and we had faster feedback from our customers: we knew if we should work more and improve what we do or if we should do similar actions to keep our customers happy and engaged.

Internally, there was a high motivation in seeing fast feedback, so I also decided to talk about our reviews more during the meetings or on our Slack channels. This lead to a nice speed in creating new features or setting priorities in fixing bugs, creating workarounds or just o add or understand small changes at the team level.

This is just a summary of how Visitor Analytics using Visitor Analytics helped us, but it definitely mattered a lot for us!

So, if you enjoy using our tool, show us your love in the reviews or messages! If you have new feature ideas or needs: drop us a line! We take each message seriously!

PS: We are currently running a new huge iteration of our app and rest assured that it will astonish you with everything that we prepared for you! It has a new direction and a set of great features that you will definitely fall in love with and use on a daily basis!

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