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Moz's SEO reference sheet is now in Spanish

May 07, 2020

Moz has updated its developer SEO reference sheet to improve your organic positioning strategy. This guide is useful for anyone involved in SEO, as it will let you know what's new and best practices in search engine optimization. Capybara SEO translated it into Spanish on their blog for you to download!

What is the SEO Reference Sheet?

If you're wondering what it is and what this guide is for, don't worry, we'll answer all your questions right away. It is a document that you can download for free so that you can share it with your team to improve your organic positioning strategy. 

In the SEO Developers Cheatsheet by Moz, you can learn about the most important changes in SEO and web development. It will also serve as a reference on best practices in search engine optimization.

What concepts are found in the guide?

The Moz Developers SEO Cheatsheet contains 6 pages full of fundamental concepts. One of the features of the guide is that it is informative, concise and easy to understand. In short, it provides information on standards in technical SEO. Now, let's look at some of the main concepts addressed in the guide.

1. First page 

Important HTML elements
Meta description tag
Link types: text, nofollow, image
HTTP Status Codes

2. Second page

Common elements in a URL
Robot exclusion standard: robots.txt, X-robots tag, meta robots
Important user agents

3. Third page

Sitemap syntax: XML sitemap example, sitemap index file, other common sitemap types
Mobile devices
Important social network metadata

4. Fourth page

Rich snippets and structured data

5. Fifth page

Working with several languages: popular languages, popular regions, URL structures for country and target language, HTML version in <head>, sitemap version

6. Sixth page

Tips to improve page speed, modern JavaScripts websites, image optimization to improve performance

Where do you download?

Capybara SEO, a specialist search engine optimisation agency, translated the developer SEO reference sheet into Spanish so you can access all this valuable and comprehensive information. 

If you're interested in reading it, just click on the link. Once there, there will be a section where you can easily and freely download the sheet in PDF format without any problem. Also, you can read it from the same page by zooming in - it's that simple!

Now you can keep up to date with the best SEO practices for developers. English will no longer be an obstacle to obtaining this useful information. This way, you and your team will be ready to continue your work of organic positioning in Google. Have you read it already? Don't waste any more time!

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