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Featured Article

2 minutes reading time

Featured Article

2 minutes reading time

10+ Tricks for Getting Better Search Engine Results on Google

There are a few ways to look for the best results on search engines. You might be familiar with some of them, but others might surprise you. Here's how to search Google like a pro!

First Context and Steps of Data Driven Decision Making

4 minutes reading time

The Visitor Analytics Free Online Marketing Course

3 minutes reading time

How to Create a Successful Landing Page

4 minutes reading time

Visitor Analytics' Blog

Is Shopify Illegal in Germany?

New GDPR problem in discussion: check out how the data protection authority declared the use of a German Shopify shop to be illegal.

How to Use Conversion Funnels Effectively

See how to use conversion funnels effectively in order to generate leads, increase conversions, and create a trustworthy brand.

Top 10 Conversion Funnel Tools in 2023

Curious about how to get more shoppers and turn them into customer fans? Take a look at our conversion funnel tools list and make your choice!

Five Key Benefits of Conversion Funnel Tools

There are so many benefits of conversion funnel tools and this article will bring to light the most important ones. Take a peek!

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