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Visitor Analytics Infographic _HOw to write SEO friendly content

Featured Article

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Infographic : How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Learn how to write content in order to increase your presence on search engine pages and drive traffic to your website. Before you start writing there is a set of questions you need to...

Click heat map overview example

Using website heatmap tools to improve UX & conversions

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Beginners guide blog post in Visitor Analytics

The Beginner’s Guide to Visitor Analytics

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How to Increase Conversions With These 5 Website Must-Haves

In order to dramatically increase the conversion rate on your website, it’s not enough to hastily create a site, sit back, and hope for the best. Instead, there are certain techniques you need to put in place in order to leverage more sales.

LGPD - the Brazilian GDPR

LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais) is the new set of general laws for personal data protection that will be voted on 27 August 2020. The law will be gradually enforced. LGPD is very similar to GDPR. It is meant to provide a legal…

EU Justice Court decision may prevent website owners from storing EU citizen website traffic data in…

In a landmark decision, on July 16th 2020, the ECJ ruled in favor of invalidating the transatlantic agreement that allowed personal data to be transferred from the EU to the US. The decision is based on the fact that the privacy regulations in the US…

Infographic: All you need to know about website heatmaps

Infographic: All you need to know about website heatmaps - Visitor Analytics

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