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The importance of reviews and testimonials

June 28, 2019

28. June 2019

Stars, thumbs-up or tacos? No matter the symbol you choose, ratings and testimonials from your clients validate your business and trustworthiness to the same extent — they help transform your target market into buyers.

When people look at reviews to find information about your products or services, they search for the opinion of their peers, for people who they can relate to.

Regardless of your industry, approximately 90% of potential clients will look for testimonials and reviews before spending a considerable amount of money. (

Furthermore, a Harvard study found that a one-star increase in Yelp ratings for restaurants leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. That is major! 

    Of course, there are always some negative reviews that can affect your reputation. But do not worry, the solution to this is very simple! All you need to do is gather new reviews and make sure the good ones outshine the bad ones!

    It is perfectly normal to have a few bad reviews, but it is crucial for you to answer to those reviews and sort things out as fast as possible. People will appreciate your transparency and openness to feedback and change.

    Try to look at negative reviews as a learning experience and keep these details in mind when answering:

    • Respond quickly
    • Always be friendly
    • Own up to your mistakes
    • Address inaccuracies (if any)
    • Come up with a solution
    • Emphasize your strengths

    How do you increase your reviews and ratings across the web?

    Add a review method on your website

    You may choose one depending on the type of website you own! For instance, if you own an e-commerce site, allow clients to rate your products once the purchase is verified. If you have a service website, you can add badges or icons linking to other sites where your business is listed.

    Think of the social media icons you probably already have on your website. You can do the same with these other icons and ask your website visitors to leave a nice review if they enjoy what you are offering.

    Provide incentives

    Create a campaign to increase the number of reviews by rewarding your clients with small tokens of appreciation.
    You can play around with this! Reward users with a 10% discount voucher if they leave a review, 20% discount voucher if they leave 2 reviews and so on. Get creative!

    As an example, here at Visitor Analytics, we run a campaign with incentives and you will receive a $20 Gift Card in exchange for your review on Capterra. (This promotion is available until August 2019, so make sure you take advantage of this before it expires!)

    Take advantage of social media

    Remind people to rate your products or services through social media posts! It is easier to get reviews this way since they already like or follow your page, meaning they are happy with what you are offering.

    From time to time you can also post their reviews on your pages. This will motivate them to leave reviews and you will gain trust points.

    Use customer support to ask for reviews

    Once the clients’ problem is resolved and they are happy, approach them with a request to leave a review on your website or any other specific platform (or even provide a list of options for them to choose from).

    Happy clients will always leave good reviews when asked to!

    Create a blog post to ask for reviews

    Yes, just like this one! And ask your users or customers to rate your business.

    So if you enjoyed reading this article (or any of our other blog posts) and found this information useful, you can rate, upvote and like Visitor Analytics on the platforms below. 

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