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December 11, 2020

Our mission here at Visitor Analytics is to empower website owners from all over the world, by providing them with essential website data and knowledge about what to do with that data. This is why we decided to launch our very own Digital Online Marketing course for free, and share it with the Visitor Analytics users and any other website owner who is interested in boosting his/her business.

The Visitor Analytics Free Online Marketing Course

From this video course, you will learn the basics of search engine optimization & analytics. At the end of this 2 part course, you will be able to make sense of your website statistics, increase traffic, and improve your online reputation. We will teach you how to find new ways to increase organic traffic as you will learn the basics of SEO.
Regarding analytics, you will learn about the most important metrics describing your website performance and how to interpret user behavior data with the help of analytics tools.

For Who is this Online Marketing Course?

Whether you are an entrepreneur who manages a website, or a freelancer who wants to learn more about what it takes to own a website, this free marketing course will give you the extra knowledge you didn’t even know you were missing. It is a course for small and medium business teams that run a website and could use some extra help in doing it.

We also recommend this video course to junior digital marketing professionals and marketing and communication students who want to impress their peers with some extra know-how.
This course is basically for anybody who owns a website or plans to own or manage a website in the future.

Digital Marketing for Your Website Part 1: Basics of Search Engine Optimization

You can access this SEO course for free on the Visitor Analytics Youtube channel or directly on Udemy. 

In this module, you will learn about the general principles of search engine optimization, the purpose of SEO optimization and how long it takes to actually see the results. You will learn about the importance of well-optimized content, content marketing in general and unintentional SEO.

In the technical SEO course, we will discuss the page speed, responsiveness, HTTPS and the Google Search Console. And you will become familiar with terms such as sitemaps, crawl issues, broken links and other 

Next, you will learn about which type of content has a chance to rank higher and how to choose the right topic and audience. We will discuss basic keyword research, length of content and text structure, visuals and most importantly how to choose the right keywords for your texts.

Online Authority, is another main subject you will learn about in the first part of our SEO training. You will become familiar with terms such as domain authority, backlinks, nofollow links, natural links and link building. We will also discuss social media authority and how learning from the competition can save you a lot of time.

Digital Marketing for Your Website Part 2: Basics of Website Analytics

And of course, because this is our specialty, the second module is about website analytics. You can access the website analytics course on our Youtube channel or directly on Udemy.

In these video courses, you will learn all the terms you need for understanding this type of analytics and how to choose the right tool depending on your website’s needs.

You will learn about the never-ending issue of internet privacy, GDPR, CCPA and other international laws. We will talk about the complexity of data: stats, behavioral analytics and integration with different website builders such as WordPress, Wix and others.

Next, you will gain some insight into analytics metrics and statistics and you will learn the difference between website visitors, sessions, unique visitors, page views and visits.

We will also discuss the bounce rate and how it can be improved, session duration and most importantly, conversions. You will learn how to improve the usability of your website using the metrics about the user: OS, browser, resolution, devices and how to interpret the timelines of visits to find out when is the website most accessed and why.

Referral traffic is also one of the main subjects in this course, along with UTMs and campaign tracking. At the end of this course, you will know exactly what are UTMs and how to use them to analyze referral traffic.

E-commerce metrics such as sales optimization, orders and the abandoned cart will also be on our list of topics for whoever owns or plans to own an online shop.

Last but not least, you will learn about user behavior insights and how to use them to your advantage. If in the first part of this module you will learn the basics of analytics, in this one we will discuss more complex tools and features:

  • Visitor recordings, also known as session replays, from which you can see exactly what a specific visitor is doing on your website.
  • Website heatmaps, how to use them and how to interpret the color coded. data
  • How to set up a conversion funnel and track the journey of a visitor through a website.


So join our free video course today and learn how to improve your website in about 100 minutes of comprehensive video training!

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