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April 24, 2019

24. April 2019

Growing a blog requires creativity, discipline, exciting content, social media efforts and a lot of motivation! After each blog post, we get a lot of feedback from our readers, reactions all over social media and very lovely messages.

But how to track the blog performance and grow our community using the data?

Why is Visitor Analytics important for a blogger?


At the end of the day, after all these reactions, we need to know more: how many people read the post, which are the most popular posts of the blog, how many people saw my newsletter form and did not subscribe, where are all these people from, etc.

All these metrics will help you create better content, test your titles, identify what type of posts your public likes most or give you insights about your visitors’ activity on the blog (page visits, most active hours, etc.). — Not to mention that this is super helpful if you want to partner-up easier with advertisers and to create a better publishing plan in no time.

All the data is beautiful, but most tools are awful!

So, we understand your concern when it comes to a new app with a bunch of numbers here and there! As a creative blogger, there is no time to learn how to add tracking codes and to go through a haystack of charts and dropdowns. And, let us be honest, it can be quite boring too!

We always liked simple & friendly interfaces and information, and we thought you may appreciate this guide on how to track your articles’ traffic with Visitor Analytics for bloggers and why is this important for any blogger.

Plug(in) and track!

As a blogger, there is a high chance to have a WordPress site. If this is the case, all you have to do to start tracking your blog is to go to the plugins area, install Visitor Analytics and activate the plugin.

Done, you are all set, and Visitor analytics will start tracking your stats right after you register.

And, no worries! The entire signup/sign-in process is done within the WordPress admin area, so you do not have to create accounts on other sites, copy tracking codes and so on.

3 Key metrics to check to improve content & grow the blog traffic

Know your traffic

Check the number of visitors, unique visitors, page visits, the percentage of people who do not interact with your blog, where are your visitors from and how are they browsing your blog.

Having an idea of how much traffic you have and to see how people actually interact on your blog: where are they coming from, which pages are they visiting, how much time they spend on each article or when do they leave helps you understand people’s behaviour more. And looking on the map you will know where most of your readers are from and you can run localized content & campaigns easier.

Use the sites that redirect most traffic to you to boost your visitors’ number

Look into your referring websites and see which social channels are driving the most traffic, which partnerships or backlinks are the best or what your best ranking posts in google, bing or other search engines. This will help you understand where to pour more effort into the blog promotion or what works best for you!

Find the best hours and days to schedule your posts for publishing

If you look into your traffic charts, you can easily see when which are the most popular weekdays and hours on your blog and you can optimize and schedule your blog posts, adverts or giveaways in order to have a higher reach.

Of course, there are many other stats to look into, but if you are a beginner and data is something that you are not familiar with, this will help you a lot!  If you want to know more about stats and how to get the best out of them, we recommend you to check these short posts 

PS: Yes, we do have an affiliate program as well! If you want to be part of the Visitor Analytics ambassadors team, all you have to do is to sign up for our affiliate program, and you can start to round up your monthly income. If this sounds appealing for you, become a Visitor Analytics affiliate now

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