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What is Customer Success and Why is it Important?

August 19, 2019

19. August 2019

What is Customer Success? Why Is Customer Success Important for your business?

Everyone is focused on leads, sales, and conversions!

But how do you keep your customers happy? How do you convince them to recommend your products or services? How to keep them using your service? What is the difference between Customer Support and Customer Success?

Now, while the customer support team represents the working-class heroes who answer all the questions and requests of your customers, they identify and fix the issues and makes sure to solve the problem of everyone chatting, emailing or calling for support.

Customer Success will make sure to assist your customers over the time to make sure they get the most out of your service or product, get feedback and transform your customers into long term partners.

So, it is not about rebranding the “customer service”, but create about creating a team of experts who are very human-oriented, strategic and who aim to deliver value to your customers starting from the onboarding, feedback, to support regarding tips and tools, even exit surveys. And they aim to increase the revenue for your business, of course.

Here are 5 tips for a great Customer Success strategy

1. Make sure your communication is flawless

Communication should be friendly, human-centered, effective and authentic. Make sure you know everything about your product and workarounds for its limitations, be open to feedback and learn how to ask for information.

Build customer loyalty and strong communication. If everything goes well, you will get a lot of constructive feedback, ideas, and amazing testimonials and reviews to convert new customers easier.

2. Make the onboarding process as simple as ABC

A high percentage of your customer success lies in the onboarding process!

Make sure that once you have a visitor on the website and/or a customer, you offer them an easy-to-follow-process in order to get used to your product: use tooltips, tutorials, how-tos and everything else that suits your business (milestones achievements, perks, action-triggered messages, etc).

3. Automate Communications and Processes

It is highly important to be there for your customers, but you still can automate some mails, messages or some pop-ups to appear during the process. You can also see and analyze the usage patterns of your customers and prepare a set of answers beforehand and adapt them. Prepare a set of guides, ebooks, videos, and articles to support what you explain. It helps a lot!

4. Document your customers’ stories

Talk to your customers, listen to them and check out when they stumble upon challenges using your product or service and document them.

This will help you understand the customers’ needs better, identify new features, improve current processes, identify niché problems (and solutions, hopefully) and to ask contextual questions. Saving a lot of time for everyone and make the customers happy!

5. Track your analytics and analyze your data

Needless to say that you have to check your stats and understand analytics: see how your visitors browse the site, what type of device they use, how much do they spend on the most important pages, how often do they write you on support, etc.

This ensures a good overview of your communication, onboarding, marketing efforts, customer support and customer success work and so on. You will understand what can be improved, what goes smooth and if your investment into all these processes and actions actually pays off.

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