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Launched Custom Event Tracking

This well-awaited feature became available for our users to be able to track every single visitor action on their website. Using Visitor Analytics users can check who clicked what button, how many people opened an image or clicked on any other site element. This feature allows users to decide what actions and events are worth tracking, depending on what is most relevant to their business.

Launched New Privacy Center

Taking into regard the ePrivacy and TTDSG laws, we created this module that allows our users to set different levels of privacy depending on the regulations of each country or region.  Now they can easily see their website privacy status in a simple and friendly was, change it whenever they wish, and have all access to all they pivacy related documents (DPA) in a single place.


Consentless Tracking Mode Became Available

New privacy regulations, new settings meant to make our users' lives easier! By activating this mode and users will be able to track website visits without having to worry about getting consent upfront from your visitors. Visitor Analytics can simply run in the background without it having to e included in cookie-consents/-banners. 


Implemented Cookieless Tracking

Taking into account all the privacy and security laws and predicting the direction in which these are heading, Visitor Analytics has decided to adapt and stand out from other similar tools by implementing cookieless tracking. The data provided through this method is much more accurate and secure.

Reached 2 Million Installs

Visitor Analytics has surpassed 2,000,000 installs with numbers constantly growing each day. This is an important milestone as it shows that our app has value and is trusted by a great number of website users around the World. Visitor Analytics is now available as a plugin for 7 major website builders and as a standalone app that can be added to any HTML website.

Launched Conversion Funnels

This feature helps users keep better track of their goals. The website owners are able to decide each step of the funnel leading to the point of interest, the conversion page. By using this feature they are able to retrace the visitors’ journey on their website, see the number of dropouts and where they lost interest, and get a final percentage of conversions from one end to another.

Launched Visitor Heatmaps

Yet another behavioral analytics feature added to our app. With the Visitor Analytics Heatmaps, users are able to see which areas of their website get the most engagement and how visitors interact with the webpages. Warm colors such as red and orange symbolise intense activity constant in clicks and taps, while blue and green show areas visitors are less interested in.

Released Visitor Analytics Plugin for Weebly

Weebly is one of the most popular website builders worldwide. From this point on, Weebly users were able to add Visitor Analytics to their website directly from the platform’s App Store with only a few clicks. They can reach all their statistics directly through Weebly.

Launched Visitor Recordings

This was the first one of a series of behavioral analytics features. It allowed website owners to watch actual recordings of their visitor's sessions to better understand which areas of their website are easy to navigate and which need improvement. By watching the actual path of the mouse arrow, the clicks and the time spent in various page areas, website owners got a direct insight into the website user experience and were be able to detect bugs and improve the website.

New Feature Launched: Dynamic Pages

With this new feature launched, website owners have the possibility to group more pages with dynamic parameters in their URL, in order to get a global view of the visitor data on those pages. For example, this would make sense in the case of an e-commerce owner who would like to see stats for all of his different "thank you" pages in one place, rather than separately for each order. In other cases, a web owner might want to see the global stats for his entire blog aggregated, not only for each blog post URL separately.

New Features Launched: Multi-websites Overview and New Metrics

The multi-website option meant that customers who used Visitor Analytics on more than one property (web domains) would now be able not only to view their data with only one login, but also to easily manage their plans and website statuses from one place. Other new metrics were also introduced at this time: devices, browsers and operating systems.

Released Visitor Analytics Plugin for Joomla

Joomla is a web building platform that allows you to choose from a great deal of themes and plugins to enhance a website. Having a dedicated plugin in Joomla made the entire process of installing and using Visitor Analytics on Joomla pages a lot easier. Joomla website owners were now able to search and install the app directly from the Install Extensions menu.

Released Visitor Analytics Plugin for Typo3

TYPO3 is an open-source system for building websites. It offers website owners smooth backend management. Having a dedicated plugin in TYPO3 made the entire process of installing and using Visitor Analytics on TYPO3 pages a lot easier. TYPO3 website owners were now able to search and install the app directly from the Upload Extensions button.

Released Visitor Analytics Plugin for OctoberCMS

OctoberCMS is a very popular system for its' flexibility and ability to reuse components. Having a dedicated plugin in OctoberCMS made the entire process of installing and using Visitor Analytics on OctoberCMS pages a lot easier. OctoberCMS website owners were now able to search and install the app directly from the Plugins Market.

Released Visitor Analytics Plugin for Drupal

Drupal is a complex, powerful CMS framework that can be used for any type of website. It is very popular among those with a higher than average level of technical abilities. Having a dedicated plugin in Drupal made the entire process of installing and using Visitor Analytics on Drupal pages a lot easier. Drupal website owners were now able to search and install the app directly from the Modules Market

Released Visitor Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Wordpress has become the most popular CMS in the world. It is user-friendly and offers access to the most comprehensive list of themes and plugins that help make any website more functional and nice to look at. Having a dedicated plugin in Wordpress made the entire process of installing and using Visitor Analytics on Wordpress pages a lot easier. Wordpress website owners were now able to search and install the app directly from the Install Plugins menu. 

Officially Launched Visitor Analytics app

After a period of testing and fine-tuning and after the silent launch, it was time to officially launch the Visitor Analytics app. Launching a stand-alone app, that any customer could use, regardless of the CMS of their websites, was an important step for Visitor Analytics. This broadened the horizons of the company and ensured that it will not be restricted to a given platform.

New Features Launched: UTM Campaign stats, Multi-websites and Contributors

With the launch of these new features, website owners were now able to better track the results of their advertising campaigns through the use of UTM parameters. They would now easily see the visitor stats for each of the referring ads that brought them traffic. Also, the first version of multi-websites was introduced, which allowed users to switch more easily between the different webpages that they tracked. Having a "contributors" option would now allow for multiple users to be associated with the same account. 

Visitor Analytics Became Available for Any Type of Site

In a short time span, the efforts of the company to reach beyond the users of  Wix were intensified. The tracking code from Visitor Analytics was now installable on any type of site, opening the way to integrations with various 3rd party platforms.

Silent-Launched the Visitor Analytics Web App

A silent launch is a launch that is not accompanied by an advertising campaign for the new product. At the beginning of 2018, we launched the Visitor Analytics web app, which was the first step towards expanding the Visitor Analytics experience outside of Wix.

Visitor Analytics Became Available in 19 Languages

In order to adapt to the stats showing that Visitor Analytics had been installed in over 150 countries, the company knew that it had to meet the needs of website owners who may or may not have been trained in English. This is why it had been a priority to make the app available in more languages. 

Got 1 Million Installs on WiX from Over 155 Countries

The rise on Wix was spectacular. Less than 16 months after the launch, Visitor Analytics reached the incredible milestone of 1,000,000 installs from over 155 countries. Visitor Analytics had become one of the most important web analytics tools on Wix.

Launched Visitor Analytics on WiX

The beginnings of Visitor Analytics are tightly connected to our partners from Wix. The first version of our app (v1.0) was available only for Wix users at the time, installable from within the platform. To this day, most of our users come from Wix, with which Visitor Analytics has always had a fruitful collaboration.