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Jobs in Munich, Germany

Sales Professional [Sales Department] | June 2020

As we want to further speed up our growth, we are looking for eager and motivated sales professionals to help spread the word about the great features our tool has to offer.

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Visitor Analytics is a high performing start-up in Munich and Cluj, founded in January 2016, that has more than 2M installs from 190 countries and aims to offer an all-in-one solution for any website in regards to website statistics, UX & behavior (recordings, heatmaps, funnels, etc.), visitor interaction and much more.

As we want to further speed up our growth, we are looking for eager and motivated sales professionals to help spread the word about the great features our tool has to offer. 

We need an excellent business communicator with very good people skills, who will have the opportunity to influence and play a significant role in the process of selling our product directly to companies. There are currently around 330 Mil active domains on the web. Our tool is compatible with any website. So the potential is gigantic.   


Key responsibilities:

  • Acquisition of new b2b-customers in EU
  • Strategic planning of customer acquisition processes
  • Maintaining client statuses within a CRM 
  • Analyze and evaluate customer needs
  • Build a small sales team headquartered in Munich
  • Identifying and developing relationships with potential partners 
  • Presenting the product via video or in person to potential clients
  • Organize, administer and evaluate digital mass mailings and do the rework
  • Acquire customers for our newly developed agency analytics and analytics as a service products
  • Organize and maintain a sales reporting structure

Core skills:

  • Working experience of at least 3 years on a similar/relevant position
  • Excellent German and English skills
  • Excellent communicator and empathy skills
  • Quick decision-making abilities
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Responsible person and able to take an initiative
  • Proven ability to come up with creative solutions to problems
  • Technical background and/or development workflows knowledge
  • Strong or good business knowledge/sense

Things we can guarantee:

  • Direct participation on generated sales based on variable and fixed salary components
  • Opportunity to work on a challenging project, using the latest technologies
  • The perfect framework for professional development
  • A young, creative and joyful team
  • A flexible work schedule which makes you more productive
  • We support any opportunities that are useful for you, including training and events
  • We celebrate a lot, with pizza and cookies and gifts

Further notes:

Where: Office in Munich

When: September 2020

Salary: Negotiable

Company description:

Tracking and understanding website-statistics, -analytics and user behavior using most tools is very complex & time-consuming for (non-technical) people. You need to install and use many different tools in parallel, retrieve data from different repositories and compare them. You may frequently get stuck due to overwhelming graphs and charts. This is why we developed Visitor Analytics: all the tools you need, united in one app. An intuitive structure, a neat presentation of complex data and making great use of the data synergies between modules!

We are 100% GDPR-/CCPA compliant and collect all data a website owner needs to know about his visitors in real-time: referrals, conversions, bounce rates, click-paths, page visits IPs, location, what browser, device or OS they have. Further great value is added via our behavior analysis tools of session recordings, conversion funnels and heatmaps. Innovative features like surveys, polls, feedback banners and a chat module are already in development. Our app is built for entrepreneurs, marketers and companies focused on their site statistics and visitors' behavior. But it is just as helpful in communicating with and supporting your clients.

Help us spread an app that people love to use, and join us!

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