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In today's context, making choices in terms of the apps and tools needed for your website, is not easy. This is because there is so much to choose from, that it can get confusing. We thought to help you with this process by comparing Visitor Analytics with other tools that offer some of the same features.

Another all-in-one analytics tool like Visitor Analytics would be hard to find. Yet, the features, taken separately, are also offered by other companies. In the following sections, we look at standardized, objective comparisons between us and our competitors. The comparisons are based on facts, rather than opinions, in order to provide an unbiased overview. With all due respect to the companies in the list, we are confident that Visitor Analytics is a more than viable alternative to any of them. The combination of features it offers, as well as the very attractive pricing are very hard to match. 

User insights providers (heatmaps, session replays/recordings, funnels):

Compare Visitor Analytics to Crazy Egg

Compare Visitor Analytics to Hotjar

Compare Visitor Analytics to Lucky Orange

Compare Visitor Analytics to Mouseflow