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About Us

Instant Data Processing. No Further Efforts.

From statistical analytics, to behavioral analytics tools. We offer them all in one application. 100% GDPR/CCPA conform. 

Understand Your Visitors

We offer everything you need to know about your audience and their activity in real-time.

Pages Performance

You should know what type of content your visitors prefer, where they land and where they exit the website.

Hardware Information

Check out your visitor’s devices type, operating systems, browsers & screen-resolutions usage.

Campaigns Performance

Add another insight about web page analytics, by researching exactly where visitors are coming from.

Session Recordings

Get an insight into what people click, their mouse movement and how they scroll.


Create heatmaps for every page of your website and see at a glance which areas experience a lot or little visitor interaction.

Conversion Funnels

Start analyzing your funnels, drop-out pages and other pain-points in the easiest and most configurable way.