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Behaviour Analytics

Visitor Recordings

Watch real videos of your visitors' sessions, so you can understand and convert your visitors into customers faster! All GDPR-compliant and anonymous for your visitors!

Visitor Heatmaps - Coming soon

Create heatmaps for specific pages (i.e. homepage, pricing plan page, etc.) or even dynamic pages. Setup a number of views for a complete heatmap and generate a full heatmap of your page performance! Stop guessing where your visitors struggle and optimize your user experience and content!

Visitor Funnels - Coming soon

Track the success of your really important processes on your website (i.e. how many of your visitors landing on your website actually did a  successful checkout)! Start analyzing your funnels, drop-out pages and other painpoints in the easiest and configurable way!

Visitor Forms - coming soon

Let all the forms on your website be automatically tracked and analyzed by Visitor Analytics! See how many of your visitors interacted with each field of a form, the type of interactions and the amount of dropouts on the way! Optimize the efficiency of your forms and the overall user experience of your website!