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Visitors - the base for any success

Everything you need to know about your website visitors: visited pages, approximate geolocation, OS, browser, IP, device type, status (new, returning, or converted visitor) visiting time and many more!

All about your website's pages

See all important metrics of your website's pages, such as the number of visits per page, where did your users start browsing from, conversion pagesreferral traffic and so much more information.

Devices - all about the hardware

Strategically optimize your web & mobile presence and user experience by checking out your visitors' device type, operating systems, browsers, and screen-resolutions' usage.

UTM Campaigns in all detail

Enhance your existing URLs with UTM parameters in order to let Visitor Analytics automatically process & visualize your marketing campaigns' data! With your marketing campaigns you can better understand where your traffic is coming from and find out the exact referrer — e.g. newsletter, organic, PPC and much more!