Visitor Analytics
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Set up your poll in seconds

Use our extremely user-friendly UI to create an infinite amount of polls for a website. Save questions in a question bank to easily re-use them at a later point in time.

Choose from 10 different pre-set question categories:

  • Short/Long Text Questions
  • Multiple Choice
  • Slider
  • Rating Scales
  • Simple Rating
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website Link
  • etc.

Show polls targeting based or to everyone & everywhere

In order to get the maximum effect out of your different polls, you can 
  • display polls either on all pages and for all visitors, 
  • or only on certain URLs and to specified visitor types (i.e. returning visitors, visitors from a certain country, etc.)

Define your branding

Select the bubble’s main and background colours, the position, padding and/or logo for each poll.

Experiment with the positioning and colouring for reaching the maximum effects.

Get your poll results and amazing stats about your participants

Differentiate between “General Statistics”, “Polls results” and “Participants”. 

See the amount of responses, completion rates, average time to complete a poll, bounce rates, exact answers to your questions, detailed infos about poll participants, a funnel analysis and so much more.