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Meta Title


A meta title, or title tag, represents a website or page title as shown in the search engine result pages, and it can be customized for each page in order to provide relevant and compelling information based on the used keywords in the search engine.

What is a meta title? 

The meta title is the website title as read by a search engine and displayed in the search engine result pages. 

How to add a meta title

The HTML code to add a converting and branded meta title should be placed in the site's head using the title tag. 

Code sample:

  <title> My site Title | My Brand </title>

The optimal length for the meta title should be based on how the search engines display the sites' in the result pages. As an example, Google usually displays around 60 - 70 characters for a meta title for desktop screens and 55-60 characters to 78 characters for mobile screens.

How to write a meta title

This is what people see in the search engine results pages, so make sure to write a clear, compelling, and clickable title. Here are a few best practices to consider when writing the meta title:

  • Summarize the page content as accurate as possible
  • Use different titles for each page, so the search engines can provide the right page to searchers based on the used keyword
  • Be descriptive and concise
  • Use the keywords that best describe the page topic 
  • Add the site and business brand

Title sample

To make sure one applies the best practices, here is a meta title sample: 
Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name 
Brand name | Primary keyword - Secondary Keyword. 

If we would apply this sample to our own website (, here's how it should look:
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