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About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce builders, with many built-in features, free hosting updating and maintaining costs. BigCommerce traders have a significant annual revenue growth, which makes it perfect for growing-businesses. One of the main causes of these increases is that its users can connect their store and sell across channels such as Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest.

When setting up a store, everything is clear and intuitive, simple and easy to design. Moreover, if you ever need assistance, their professional support team is always willing to help and get you back on track. The multitude of stunning themes and the fact that whatever design you choose, you can always access the customization options, is basically everything you would need and expect, in terms of "beautifying" the site according to your vision.

Managing your online store, once created and customized, is on a small ease scale too. Likewise, SEO services and the payment processing mechanism are fully present and eager to develop a powerful web-store for you.

How to install Visitor Analytics on BigCommerce & More

Inserting the Visitor Analytics tracking code can be done in just five simple steps. You just need to find the Footer Scripts in your Storefront.

For all the detailed steps on how to easily install Visitor Analytics on any BigCommerce website, as well as anything else there is to know about integration with this 3rd platform, please see the Installation Guide for Bigcommerce Pages linked below.