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About Blogger

The name itself is already pointing out what Blogger is meant for. This product's focus is on blogging, and not on social networking or complex website development.

The simplicity of design and ease of use in general, are the main reasons why Blogger is the favorite platform for most people who want to start blogging. It is free and you can easily log in with your Google account. It is a fully-hosted blog platform, and the speed and security are provided by Google, so all that's left for you is to focus on your content and on promoting it.

How to install Visitor Analytics on Blogger & More

Installing Visitor Analytics on your Blogger website requires making a small edit to the HTML of your theme. This is easily done in a few simple steps.

For all the detailed steps on how to easily install Visitor Analytics on any Blogger account, as well as anything else there is to know about integration with this 3rd platform, please see the Installation Guide for Blogger Pages linked below.

Installation guide for Blogger pages