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About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is well known for its hosting and domain products, but it also comes with a website builder. And not a simple website builder, but a remarkable one, which contains everything you need to create a beautiful website. With GoDaddy, you have the possibility to choose your domain name, a stable and fast hosting service and get access to an easy-to-use builder.  It uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), so you can set up and design your website, without having any technical knowledge. 

The onboarding process is, therefore, at your fingertips, with all these strong built-in advantages.

How to install Visitor Analytics on GoDaddy & More

Javascript injection is not available for the time being, for GoDaddy websites. There were two ways of adding Visitor Analytics to your GoDaddy website (in the past).

For all the detailed steps on how easily it could have been installed on any GoDaddy website, see the Installation Guide for GoDaddy Pages linked below.

Installation guide for GoDaddy pages