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About OctoberCMS

Very suitable in building modern applications, OctoberCMS is based on a framework which will be distinguished from the rest of the CMSs in the near future. This framework on which this website builder platform is built, is Laravel, one of the best PHP frameworks available at the moment. OctoberCMS is a fresh, but a highly adopted system by the developers lately, claiming to have a strong architecture to build pages, based on reusable components.

Customization, such as designing the website, installing the components and customizing them in turn, as well as subsequent maintenance require some basic technical knowledge. But once acquired, you can use them as an advantage to create a fully-operational and very practical site. It is an ideal self-hosted tool that can be used for building any kind of website, giving a note of flexibility, modernism and responsiveness.

How to install Visitor Analytics on OctoberCMS & More

How to install Visitor Analytics on OctoberCMS & More

As a part of the OctoberCMS community, Visitor Analytics can be installed directly from the Plugins Market. After this step, the tracking code must be embedded in pages.

For all the detailed steps on how to easily install Visitor Analytics on any OctoberCMS website, as well as anything else there is to know about integration with this 3rd platform, please see the Installation Guide for OctoberCMS Pages linked below.