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Visitor Analytics Standalone

Visitor Analytics can be easily connected to pretty much any type of website (no matter the builder platform)!


Check here all Visitor Analytics plugins and possible integrations

And see how your website is performing using a friendly interface!


Checking your website analytics in depth while being GDPR-compliant is quite a challenge! But worry no more, we have your back!

Here are some key metrics & features to help you understand your visitors and improve your website performance:

Overview: All your key stats at a glance, detailed information for all your visitors. Get a detailed visitor overview to see what device, operating system and browser your visitors are using, as well as what country they’re in and more. 

Visitor's Path and History: View your visitors’ behavior & actions and learn more about them over a period of time. Get an inside look at the top countries and cities that your visitors are located in. Export Visitors or Visits in .csv or .xlsx format.

Page Stats: View a comprehensive report of all your website’s pages. See where your users are coming from and on what pages they land on. Check your most effective referrals and where are your visitors landing first. Mark a page as a conversion page and follow the users that are getting converted. You can create countless Conversion types. Also if you have dynamic pages, you can simply set some params and see them in your stats as one single page.

Device Optimization: See what resolutions and operating systems your visitors use and optimize your website for the most commonly used devices.

URL Campaigns Stats: Track all your shared URLs no matter the distribution channel for a better understanding of your campaigns. If you have any UTM campaigns running you can easily see how they perform.

Add Contributors: You have the possibility to add contributors to see your stats just as you do (with read only permissions).

Ignore certain visitors: You can choose to ignore your own visits or visits from a certain IP.

Get Email reports: Get daily, weekly or monthly notifications on how your website is doing straight to your inbox.

Stats directly on your mobile: Our app is mobile responsive and you can add a shortcut of the web app (which works just like a native app) on your mobile device, and check your stats wherever you go.

How to install Visitor Analytics & More

Installing can be done in a couple of minutes, by signing in to your registered account, adding a new website and copying the tracking code into the websites' header.

For all the detailed steps on how to easily install Visitor Analytics on any HTML website, as well as anything else there is to know about using the stand-alone app, please see the Installation Guide for Any HTML Pages


Installation guide for any HTML pages