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Supporting your activity in tough times - Visitor Analytics for Wix

Dear users!

We hope this message finds all of you well and healthy! In these hard times it is important to stick together and to support each-other whenever possible.

Many of you may have experienced fluctuations in website traffic in the past few weeks. Read this post about search behavior during the Coronavirus pandemic to understand more about what is going on and how your website is being affected. it's important to see that you are not alone, as the general search trends tend to shift for entire business sectors.

The majority of us are going through harsh times. We are uncertain about what will happen and how long quarantine measures will still be kept up. Most of us need to re-evaluate past approaches on reaching their customers. Being able to do business online will become of even greater importance than it has been in the past. In order to make the right decisions that will lead to an increase in one’s web traffic, conversions and overall success, gathering as much data as possible about your statistics and user behaviour is indispensable, now more than ever. 

We are convinced that Visitor Analytics can play a vital role in supporting you in exactly that and forming a fundament that allows a real data based decision making for future success. In order for you to have even better insights, we will focus in the next weeks on adding as many new useful tools – larger and smaller – for you as possible

We further decided to provide all free users a voucher that allows you to use all of the features included in our “Advanced plan”, 30 days for free

Voucher code: VisASpecialOffers

How to use the voucher?

1. Go to your Wix website dashboard for the site you want to apply the voucher on.

2. In the menu on the left, look for Apps and click it.

3. After the new window opens, look for Visitor Analytics and click on "Upgrade app".

4. Click Select, in the Advanced plan column.

5. Select Monthly and click Next.

6. Choose a payment method. You will NOT be billed, but it is a needed step.

7. Paste the promo code into the text box: VisASpecialOffers

8. Click apply. The total per month should now display $0.

9. Click Submit purchase.

Done. You now have 1 month of free usage of the advanced plan. After this period ends, you can choose to go back to your initial plan or keep the advanced plan.

We will be in touch with more opportunities and news for you in the next period of time. Until then, stay safe and kepp others safe, too.