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What’s new in Visitor Analytics | August 2018

We would like to inform our customers on updates concerning the app as of the month of August, as many changes have been made. Hopefully, this will become a regular way of reporting on our progress. We hope to provide valuable information and to cover multiple areas:

  • Telling customers more about our product
  • Informing them of new features.
  • Letting them know we are listening to bug reports and fixing them
  • Celebrating all the work and effort our team put into every change & release 

For the month of August, these are the changes to the app and services.

Good news

01. Checking your stats using a mobile device just got easier!

Based on customer feedback, we are introducing the new mobile-friendly Visitor Analytics. It was a long sustained effort, but we succeded!
The beginning of mobile-friendly access is with a Visitor Analytics progressive web-app. It will load like a regular responsive website, but you can check it using your favorite device and, in the near future, we will also offer push notifications.
By using our progressive app, customers can have direct access to their Visitor Analytics without going through the Wix website editor or settings.
As a bonus, they can also access our new features!
To switch from WiX to our web app, you need to be a premium customer, go to your app dashboard and click: Direct Access. Once you do it and register to Visitor Analytics we will import all your stats in the web app and everything is set!

02. View your URL Campaigns data

Our users can now view all their URL campaigns’ traffic at a glance if they are using our web app!
What does this mean?
They can find out the exact referrer (e.g. newsletter), marketing medium (organic, PPC, banner), campaign name, the keyword of which ad displaying starts or any additional information that can be tracked.
How it works
Users can add campaign parameters to their website URLs by filling this form, use the generated URL on all campaigns and we will track all the details! Once clients generate an URL for each campaign, channel or medium and they share it, we will start gathering the data in the dashboard. So, there will be a brand new menu area only with URL Campaigns where one will be able to see:

  • The number of website visitors coming from URL campaigns.
  • The number of people coming from URL campaigns’ sources: a search engine, newsletter name, or other sources.
  • The number of people coming from URL campaigns’ medium: e-mail, CPC, PPC or another medium.
  • Top-performing campaigns based on the number of visitors coming from URL campaigns.
  • The number of people coming from URL campaigns’ content used for A/B testing or content-targeted ads to differentiate campaigns that point to the same URL.
  • The number of visitors per country coming from URL campaigns.
  • Your last visitors coming from URL campaigns and their history (in case they came before from other sources than your recent URL campaign)
  • All your URL campaigns’ traffic in a nicely designed list that covers the number of visitors per campaign, source, medium, term, and content
  • A nice view of your Campaigns’ charts: type of traffic, sources, and most performing URL Campaigns! This means that you will be able to see organic traffic vs URL Campaigns, Number of Visitors per Source and Campaigns’ Performance by month or weekdays

03. Add Contributors

Our clients ask, we listen!
You can now add contributors to your analytics if you access the data from our web app, no need to go through all the website settings or so!
As a contributor, a colleague, partner or client may view (without editing options) all website Visitors, new Visitors, IP addresses (if IP anonymization is not enabled), page visits, bounce rates, conversions and even live visitors from the very moment they join the Website.

If a client wants to change their Visitor Analytics preferences or manage their website contributors, they need go to their account settings in our web app!

04. Add Multiple Websites

Switching from a website to another one to see your stats is overwhelming! So, why not add all your websites in one place and see their performance with just a couple of clicks! Visitor Analytics web app can now be used on all of one's websites and they can see all the stats in one place with no hassle.

Not so good news

01. In-app error

We had a small problem with a register pop-up that kept coming back, on all the WiX sites, even though users were already registered.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience! Everything is solved now, there was no data loss and we are looking into what happened so this will not be an issue again.
Thank you all for your patience and details that helped us identify the error faster.

02. Basic plan change

On the 28th of August, we ran some changes in the Basic plan (free) on WiX, so the map and the table with the latest visitors are now a premium feature.
Wondering why we did this?
We kept some features free for over 2 years now and offered our best to all our customers. We truly believe that now we should make some changes and add more value to our app through new features. This is something that we can do only if our customers also support the service they are using for their website, since building software while keeping an eye on privacy, improve the quality constantly and new features is not easy nor free for us.

We hope you will enjoy all our new changes and features and, please, keep us posted with your thoughts and feedback via e-mail or our Facebook group! And, before ending this post: A huge hooray to our awesome team and their work on all these changes and for making the app happen