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2022 - Still Ongoing, Yet Very Rewarding so Far

Here are the recognition #awards 2022 has brought us so far:

  • Website Analytics Category Leaders - from GetApp
  • High Performer - from G2
  • Front Runners - from Software Advice

2021 - Another Successful Year for Our Organization, in Terms of Growth and Recognition

We're very honored to receive yet again the Best Software badge, from Software Suggest.

GetApp named Visitor Analytics Category Leaders, while G2 awarded us with the High Performer badge.

SaaSWorthy provided us 2 bagdes for Q2 of 2021: Top 10 Most Popular Software and Top 10 Fastest Growing Software in the Web Analytics Category.

2020 brings Visitor Analytics multiple recognition badges from Crozdesk

Crozdesk's Quality Choice badge gets awarded only to solutions with a Crozscore score of 80 or higher, while the Trusted Vendor badge gets awarded to solutions with high market presence or market share. Only about 20% of softwares ever receive this badge.

Visitor Analytics is also a Leader in the Top Marketing Analytics Software products of 2020, calculated by the Crozscore ranking algorithm. 

Visitor Analytics Won the Fastest Growing Web Analytics Software Award in October 2019

In October 2019, SaaSworthy acknowledged the growth of Visitor Analytics by granting them two awards, consisting of badges with the following recognition: "Top 5 - Fastest Growing Software - Web Analytics" and "Top 5 - Most Popular Software - Web Analytics".

SaaSworthy is a platform that tracks over 40,000 software and helps companies choose the right SaaS platform, based on product information, reviews and recommendations from an active community. We are delighted to learn that such a prestigious website can confirm that Visitor Analytics is meeting the goal of empowering website owners and digital marketers to increase their understanding of browsing behavior of website visitors.

Visitor Analytics won the Premium Usability & Rising Star 2019 Awards!

Visitor Analytics received not one, but two awards from Finances Online — the fastest growing business software discovery platform on the web, trusted by 2.5 million monthly users. Finances Online helps companies find top B2B solutions to their needs and is a popular platform for SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews. In their business software directory they provide an extensive base of software reviews prepared by both experts and actual users so you can easily find the best solution for you company.

Visitor Analytics has 99% user satisfaction on the Finances Online platform. Ranked as one of the top 20 Data Analytics Software


Best Usability Award & Great User Experience Award 2019 by Software Suggest

Software Suggest is a company that reviews all types of software. It prides itself on having helped over 300,000 companies find the right software for their activity. They compare features of multiple software and ask quotations from companies in order to provide their customers with the most suitable solutions. 

Based on their comparative analysis, Software Suggest also grants two types of awards to the software solutions they find to be the most worthy of these titles: Best Usability Award and Great User Experience Award

In the summer of 2019, Visitor Analytics was proud to receive these distinctions, confirming that it is dedicated to entrepreneurs and teams looking for their site statistics and visitors' behavior, but lacking a technical or analytics background. User friendliness is at the core of the Visitor Analytics mission.

Visitor Analytics is a Market leader in the Crozdesk Analytics Software Buyer Guide 2019

Crozdesk is one of the most advanced business software discovery platforms, as it runs AI and machine learning ranking algorithms that generate entirely unbiased app recommendations.

In Crozdesk's Analytics Software Buyer Guide launched in March 2019, Visitor Analytics was featured as a Market Leader, highlighting once again that our tool is one of the best ones in the industry. According to Crozdesk, Market Leaders have strong marketing functions that exceed the current solution strength, which is exactly what we aim for here at Visitor Analytics.

Visitor Analytics reviews

Reviews on Capterra

Great piece of analytics software!

I love how easy it is to access information quickly on the main page. It's very well laid out for the user and the design is simple, but modern. I love being able to see my top referrers without clicking around, it helps me keep track of the performance of ads I may be running to direct traffic to my site. I also being able to see the returning visitors - once one of them contacts you, so you can go see which pages they checked out and have a better idea of how educated they are about the services you offer.

Amber N.
User on WiX

Amazing and easy layout of what is going on

WOW WOW WOW, I am using both Google analytics and Visitor Analytics, but because the Visitor analytics is so amazingly integrated with our wix website it is the one I use most often and rely on what it tells me about our users. I like the app and the way it works.

Anelja N.
User on WiX

Simple but Powerful

I love the product. It's easy to use, it does the job, and it's design is beautiful. Also, the customer service is on point! The interface is extremely user-friendly and welcoming - The MAP!! LOVE THE MAP!! It allows you to see what tower someone's IP is pinging off of, giving you a fairly accurate idea of the location of the visitor - No bugs! This thing just works.

Justin H.
User on WiX

It's a must have

Just knowing that people are visiting your website and seeing that they are looking at pages on it is an encouragement to keep on going, and not give up. When I first started out, I probably would have quit, but knowing that people were interested and looking kept me going. I'm so glad that in installed this app. Give it a try!

David B.
User on Standalone

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Reviews on Wix

Top app

Wow ... Undoubtedly an app to have for those who want to have a more professional site. Helps to understand the dynamics of the site allowing you to adjust the content of the site to have a better offer to the visitor.

User on WiX

Excellent service and Apps

Easy to use and very useful apps to monitor visitors and boost business. Great support as well. Highly recommended.

User on WiX

Great app

Thanks for this app, loving the stats well done. will upgrade soon.

User on WiX


It is great to have all the information at my fingertips. Simple and easy; not complicated. Just what I like.

User on WiX

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Reviews on Product Hunt

Very good alternative of Google Analytics

... when you want to view fast key information about your visitors in a ready made dashboard.

Razvan (CEO
User of Standalone

I love the easy layout and ease of access

I've only been using this app for a week but I already love it. It's super easy to use, laid out in a clean, seamless way, and runs well giving me quick access to all the information I need.

Ryan Furrow
User of Standalone

Great interface and product!

Congrats and keep doing am amazing job!

Patricia Borlovan
User of Standalone

Very neat and simple to use!

Even for a 60 year old like me. Good job!

Artemon jambeck
User of Standalone

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Reviews on G2

Great app for greater results on your blog or website

I really love the facility to understand to statistics! The environment is clear, precise and friendly. You can choose the period you want to check the trafic on your site and you discover which pages was the most view.

Stéfannie C
User of Standalone

Easy to use analytics tool

Easy to use graphical interface, with charts. It shows good overview for visitor locations, bounce rate, desktop and mobile user rate, landing pages, click paths etc.

Ildikó M
User of Standalone

Easier and better than google analytics

What I like best: Accurate statistics, Visitor segmentation, Good for seo campaign, Convenient, Easy layout, Explanation section, Drop down highlighted

Industry Analyst / Tech Writer in Leisure, Travel & Tourism
User of Standalone

Intuitive and powerful!

it is very easy to use and doesn't overwhelm you with complexities and non-actionable data!

Jennifer A
User of Standalone

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Reviews on Trust Pilot

Exceptional Support from Visitor Analytics

I requested assistance with an issue that I was having with the page names being shown on my site's Visitor Analytics statistics page. Raul provided a very timely response as to the cause of the problem which had to do with how i had created the pages. He also provided guidance on where I could go to find a resolution in Wix.

After the ticket was closed, Raul continued to research the problem and the next day provided me with additional guidance that allowed me to completely resolve my issue. Truly an example of Exceptional support.

User of Standalone

Visitor analytics works very good

It allows me to track my visitors in a very comfortable way, it works very well. let me know how much traffic I get in real time, helping me to advertise my site to reach more people. The graphs are easy to read and understand. The information is helping me match my site to what my visitors like.

En Forma
User of Standalone

The first analytics app I could understand :)

It's simple but strong. Good Work!

George Rosu
User of Standalone

Best analytics app on the market!

Fast, high quality and easy to use.

Radu M.
User of Standalone

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