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Exceptional Support from Visitor Analytics

I requested assistance with an issue that I was having with the page names being shown on my site's Visitor Analytics statistics page. Raul provided a very timely response as to the cause of the problem which had to do with how i had created the pages. He also provided guidance on where I could go to find a resolution in Wix.

After the ticket was closed, Raul continued to research the problem and the next day provided me with additional guidance that allowed me to completely resolve my issue. Truly an example of Exceptional support.

User of Standalone

Visitor analytics works very good

It allows me to track my visitors in a very comfortable way, it works very well. let me know how much traffic I get in real time, helping me to advertise my site to reach more people. The graphs are easy to read and understand. The information is helping me match my site to what my visitors like.

En Forma
User of Standalone

The first analytics app I could understand :)

It's simple but strong. Good Work!

George Rosu
User of Standalone

Best analytics app on the market!

Fast, high quality and easy to use.

Radu M.
User of Standalone

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