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Simplify your work with the new features on our roadmap! Stay tuned!

Our Outlook

See what's next!

Dashboard 2.0 & New Page Dashboard

A new UI for our current dashboard, with way more details & new tiles for new main modules.

Also, a new Page dashboard, which sums up all the important information on your website.

Social Media Tracker

See all the core information and activity you can find on your linked social media channels, centrally & at a glance within Visitor Analytics.

Session Recordings, Heatmaps & Funnels - Design update

New visitor behavior functionalities, as well as a fresh, new design..


Attach all your already existing or to come third party tools (like Power BI) now easily and directly with our to come API with access to everything that you see in your web application.

SEO Module

Get basic insight into the ranking of your website & suggestions on how to improve it.

Visitor Path Analysis

See anonymous, accumulated page paths of visitors to your website.

Outgoing Traffic Analysis

Check where your visitors are going when they leave your site.

Export PDF reports

Easily export your desired data in a customizable PDF.

Chat Module v1.0

Stay in touch with your visitors or clients using our basic and rule-based (support) chat tool – another step towards the goal of becoming the leading "all-in-one" application.

E-Com Stats

Get specialised stats for your e-commerce site.

Stats for Site Users

Check stats for registered visitors that log in to your members area.

Form Analytics v1.0

Detect all forms on your website and see detailed stats for each form field, as well as overall details per form.

Survey & Polls v1.5

Improving and adding new functionalities to the Feedback features.

Ad Module

Define ad locations on your website & either continue current ads or show other ads on your website.

Delivered successfully

Announced and already published modules are shown here!

Stats Module & Dashboard v2.0

Way more detailed website statistics and better use of data synergies between modules.

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Custom Event Tracking

Easily track clicks on an image, button, or other events.

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(Agency) White Label Analytics

Provide all our tools and features to your clients or employees, whitelabelled in your own branding.

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Privacy Center & Max Privacy Mode

Different levels of privacy - the stricter it gets the less information will be provided.

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Traffic Structure

Now – more clearly than ever – see where your traffic is coming from and how it is structured!

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Google Analytics Importer

Import the historical Google Analytics data for each of your websites with just a few clicks.

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Create complex questionnaires, share the link with your audience and evaluate the stats.

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Get direct and real feedback from your visitors directly from the poll on your live website.

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Consentless tracking

Activate our innovative "consentless-tracking mode" so you don't have to get consent from your visitors anymore.

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Competition Analysis

Compare your website's performance with other sites within or outside of your business sector, as well as in your region or from all over the world.

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Statistics Overview

Statistics Dashboard - a summary of everything.

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