Collecting further topics you might have questions about

Can I track the visitors who clicks a particular button on my website?

Depending on your button, our answer may differ.
If your button is leading to another page within your site or to a document having your site URL, you can track the button by using the URL campaign feature. 

Please follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Go to
  2. Add your URL and fill the form with your wished parameters (e.g.: signup_button)
  3. Copy the resulted URL 
  4. Add it to your button, like <a href="_your_resulted_url_">button</a>
  5. Done! Check your URL Campaigns stats.

Another way to track who submitted/subscribed or simply selected a particular button, is to create a hidden "Thank you" page on your website (being hidden will allow you to have more accurate stats) and link it to your button. This way, your visitors will be redirected to that specific page, which can be set up as a Conversion page.

How do I get easy access to Visitor Analytics using my mobile phone?

Going to Visitor Analytics first you need to open a browser, enter and search for the website, then find the original website it takes too much time. So, placing a desktop shortcut of the page on your screen will save your time and will be way more convenient. It will work a lot like a mobile app, but won't take your phone storage at all.

Here are a few steps  to create a Visitor Analytics dashboard shortcut on your desktop (easily and quickly) for Android and iOS devices 


  1. Go into your mobile browser
  2. In the address bar enter this link
  3.  Select the three dots button from the upper right corner of your browser 
  4. Select Add to Home
  5. Give the App a name and select Add
  6. Enter the app on your home screen
  7. Manage your website/s easily.

Note: The buttons and icons might differ depending on browser
E.g.: Chrome, Opera, DuckDuckGo are about the same.
        Firefox has a little home with a “+” within it for adding to home right by the
        address bar.

       Edge has the “three dots” in the lower right corner.


  1. Go into your mobile browser Safari
  2. In the address bar enter this link
  3.  Select the share button from the lowest side of your browser 
  4. Select Add to Home Screen
  5. Give the App a name and select Add
  6. Enter the app on your home screen
  7. Manage your website/s easily.

How do I export data for my website?

You can easily export your visitors' data or visits history as .csv or .xlsx at any moment! To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Visitor Analytics account and select your Website 
  2. From the left-side menu, select Export button
  3. Choose what data you want to export (Visitors / Visits)
  4. Select the time range and the file type and click on Export

You can only export data for a 31 days time range!

How approximate is the location of my visitors?

Visitor Analytics offers the approximate location of your visitor based on their IP.  Each visitor will have a unique IP address (with some small exceptions) assigned to all the devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones to identify themselves and communicate with other devices and for location address.

Each Internet Service Provider (ISP) that gives an IP will also register the city and all the details of the person with the said IP. Now, because of privacy laws that are meant to protect you, they are not allowed to give out the real address of a visitor, but we can identify the approximate visitor's area. Besides this, we added an extra layer of security and anonymity and we say that the visitor is somewhere in a 1-3 miles radius.

If an IP is registered in a different city or the internet provider did not update the database, we display it as it is - and this is something that all the services are doing at the moment. You can also check the IPs by using maxmind and see where they are located based on the registration.

Is there any way I can see the company information or email of my website visitors?

Visitor Analytics offers you a lot of information about your visitors while being GDPR compliant and without sharing your data with any third-party service. 

You can see where your audience came from (referrals), IP address & the approximate location, device, display size, operating system, browsers, country, and many other stats. 

We do not offer the visitors’ internet provider, email or company within the app. Privacy laws and new GDPR regulations do not allow us to either collect or share user personal information. 

There are many great marketing tools that you can use to collect your users' email address and then send them some nice newsletters and share your most valuable content. Please remember that they need to provide their email address and consent in order to receive your emails.

Why can’t I see visits from my Tripadvisor listing?

If you have a listing on Tripadvisor and it links to your website (that runs under HTTP, rather than HTTPS), you may get the surprise to see that there are no visits coming from Tripadvisor. 

In order to fix this issue, you need to switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

There is no error in tracking and it doesn’t mean that there are no visits coming from this referral, but Tripadvisor cannot be tracked by any analytics app because they changed their security settings. Here is their response on this matter:

"In mid-March of this year TripAdvisor changed the way it sends data for referral visits from its business listings and, as a consequence, referral data is lost in Google Analytics for many businesses. The reason for this is that TripAdvisor has moved to the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Based on their current setup of this protocol, links to any external website that does not have HTTPS won’t receive the referral data in Google Analytics, meaning our client B&B innkeepers and dude ranches have lost valuable data to track the effectiveness of the dollars spent on having those links to their websites on TripAdvisor. If you discover that there is TripAdvisor data missing in Google Analytics you can take steps to re-establish that important data collection."

There is nothing that we (or any other analytics app) can do about it, but this is how Tripadvisor and other companies (e.g. Yahoo) set up their security.

Why is the same IP marked as new visitor multiple times?

The IP Address is a unique numerical label assigned to all the devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones to identify itself and communicate with other devices and for location addressing.
So, if it’s unique to every device, why is the same IP marked as new visitor multiple times?

  1. If the IP is from the same router for multiple users (a very common case for people in cafes, offices or public wi-fi), all of them will show up as unique visitors, since they are new people with the same IP.
  2. If the visitor Did not enabled cookies in the browser.

In order to see the entire history of an IP, just go to the Latest Visitors table, identify the visitor with the IP that you want to check and click on See History

How do I track my url campaigns?

Knowing your referrer is great! But what if you can check the exact source and medium that drives you the most traffic, not only a link?
To find out the exact referrer (e.g. newsletter), marketing medium (organic, PPC, banner), campaign name or any additional information that can be tracked, just add campaign parameters to your website URLs every single time you're sharing it! 

Please follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Go to:
  2. Add your URL and fill the form with your wished parameters (e.g. signup_button, email_campaign)
  3. Copy the resulted URL 
  4. Add it to your messages / links (e.g. within your email newsletters)

Done! Check our Complete guide to use URL Campaigns(examples included) to make the most of your analytics.

How do I claim my AppSumo deal?

Welcome on board, sumoling!
If you just got your codes and you want to apply the lifetime deal to your websites, please perform the next steps:

1. Go to the Appsumo Claim Page

2. If you don't have a Visitor Analytics Account you can create one through the form at the bottom of the page

3. Insert your voucher codes one by one

4. After you're done with stacking up your codes, Login into Visitor Analytics (make sure that you've clicked the verification link that we've sent you for the account registration)
5. Add a new website and install Visitor Analytics
6. You can apply the lifetime deal to any website that you've successfully added, by going to My Account and clicking Apply for that specific website.

Do not worry if you will see the upgrade or trial message when you first enter your site dashboard. The Apply button is a required step, since we want to let you select the sites that you want to apply the codes on, instead of making the deal default to all your sites.

Why do I see Free Trial after entering the Appsumo code(s)?

Have no worries! Adding the Appsumo code(s) to your account is only the first step in claiming your deal. 

We are enabling you to apply the deal at any point in time and to any of your websites by going to My Account and clicking Apply for that specific website.

That's it! You won't see the Free Trial anymore and the deal was successfully applied!

How can I swap my lifetime deal from a website to another one?

We know you may change your clients often, so slot websites included in the deal can be switched for an unlimited number of times from now on!

If you have a code with 3 sites and you want to add the deal to a 4th site, you will have to remove one of the old sites so you can make some space for the new one. And this case applies no matter how many codes you have! 

If you encounter any challenge in doing so, please contact us to and we will definitely help!

Can I use the deal for my agency?

Of course! Visitor Analytics is perfectly suitable for agency use.

The stacking offer was tailored to fit the use case of agencies that want to upsell website analytics to their customers. By stacking 4 deals, you'll be getting lifetime access to 15 websites, with a limit of 30k visits/month each.

In case your agency is big and you need more websites, you can create additionally accounts and stack 4 deals per account.

For each created website, you can invite your clients as collaborators - you can have an unlimited number of collaborators. The clients receive a registration link in their email and they can easily use that to sign up for an account and get access to their analytics. 

You'll be able to set daily, weekly or monthly email reports that the clients will receive together with a link that leads them to their analytics dashboard.

And don't worry, the clients won't have access to any other site data or settings other than the one they've been assigned to!