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How to install Visitor Analytics on PinnacleCart

Basic Installation

  1. Sign in to or register your Visitor Analytics account.
  2. Add your website url and select your timezone

    NOTES: If you are registering a new account, you will fill in the website URL during the process. We recommend you to copy the URL address from the address bar of your browser. This way you make sure that the URL is complete and correct and includes the protocol, if the case. 

  3. Copy the Tracking Code generated by our app
  4. Log into your PinnacleCart account
  5. Go to your Dashboard and select Front-End > Snippets
  6. Click on the Add Snippet button

         7. Give the script a name and set the priority (default value 5 should be fine as well)

         8. Set the Javascript Language, the Chunk type and the Body placement (Body-End ideally)

         9. Make sure the Visibility is checked

         10. Set the tracking code to trigger All pages (or only the desired page)

         11. Paste the code copied at the 3rd step

         12. Save the snippet

You are all set now and can check your website statistics at any point in time.