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How to install Visitor Analytics on Magento

Basic Installation

Soon, we will be part of the Magento community. You will have the possibility to add Visitor Analytics on your Magento site directly from Component Manager.

After purchasing the extension from Magento Marketplace, you will be able to install it. Make sure that you have Access Keys created for your Magento account, and follow the steps mentioned below.

Until then, the only option would be to manually embed a tracking code if possible, see here how.


  1. Login to your Magento store admin panel and go to System 
  2. Select Web Setup Wizardand thenComponent Manager
  3. Click on Install for your new purchased extensions and search for Visitor Analytics, then select it
  4. Hit the Install button
  5. Start a Readiness Check and if everything goes well, click on Next
    If you have a component marked as red, you can check how to fix the issue by clicking on the link below it
  6. Create a backup for your store and proceed to the Next step
  7. Install the extension

You are all set now and can check your website statistics at any point in time.