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How to install Visitor Analytics on October CMS

Basic Installation

We are now part of the OctoberCMS community. You can add Visitor Analytics on your OctoberCMS site directly from Plugins Market.

  1. Go to your OctoberCMS Dashboard
  2. Click on the Settings menu
  3. In the System section, select Updates & Plugins
  4. Hit the Install plugins button
  5. You can either search directly for Visitor Analytics and install it (easiest way), or you can add the plugin to a project directly from the plugin's page (make sure you select the right project - you can find its name in Updates & Plugins settings).

After installation, the tracking code must be embedded in pages. In order to insert the tracker component on your layout/pages, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to CMS
  2. Select Layouts (or Pages, if you want the tracking to be performed only on some of your pages)
  3. Select the desired Layout/Page
  4. Go to Components
  5. Select Visitor Analytics (the component will be added to your Layout/Page)
  6. Insert {% component 'visitorAnalyticsTracker'  %}  in the Markup
  7. Save the changes.

Now you can go to Settings and check your stats within Visitor Analytics.