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How to install Visitor Analytics on Weebly

Basic Installation

We are now part of the Weebly community. You can add Visitor Analytics on your Weebly site directly from App Market.

  1. Go to your Weebly Editor
  2. Click on MANAGE from INSTALLED APPS section(left-side menu of the Editor) 
  3. Click on Go to App Center

  4. Search for Visitor Analytics and select it
  5. Hit the Add button

  6. Click on Connect 
    The app will not start tracking your website yet, see below steps

  7. Go back to your Editor and Republish your website to go live with your latest changes
  8. Go to Settings and select My Apps
  9. Click on Manage App to check your website statistics at any point in time.
  • This App requires a Premium Weebly Plan

Further possibility

Here are a few steps on how to insert the Visitor Analytics tracking code into your Weebly site:

1. Copy your tracking code generated by our app

2. Log into your Weebly account and select your website

3. Select Settings

4. Click on Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

5. Enter your Tracking code in the Footer Code area and select Save

6. When you are done making your changes select Publish

You are all set now and can check your website statistics at any point in time.