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How to install Visitor Analytics on WiX

Two options. Same Result.

Visitor Analytics can be easily added to your WiX website, both as

(A) a dashboard app or
(B) as a widget. 

You can find us in the App Market and in the Editor Apps. No matter how you decide to install the app, both options work harmoniously together: the widget is getting the numbers from the statistics the dashboard app is displaying.

Adding the Dashboard App

  1. Go to the My Sites within your WiX account
  2. Click on Select & Edit Site on your desired website
  3. Click on Apps from the left-side menu
  4. Search for Visitor Analytics in the app market
  5. Click on Add App


You are now all set. Manage your analytics tool from the left-side menu.

Important Hints:

  • If you can not see Visitor Analytics within "Apps", please refresh the page.
  • The dashboard app works without having the widget installed in your Editor!
  • An exclamation mark will appear now in Manage Apps. You can ignore this exclamation mark if you do not want the widget shown further below added to your website at all.

Visitor Analytics Widget App / Statcounter

Important notes upfront: 

  • Installing the Widget App in the editor, will also install the Dashboard App described above!
  • There are two ways of installing the Widget App. The easiest way and the easy way!

B.1 The Easiest Way

  1. Go to the Editor's App market, and look for Visitor Analytics
  2. Click on Add to site
  3. Select your desired website and click on Add to site
  4. Set up your widget as you please, then Publish your changes

You can easily manage your statistics now – using either the Widget app (see "View Stats" button) and/or the Dashboard App (go to your Wix Dashboard -> Apps).

If you want to know more about how to manage the visibility of your statistics to your visitors on your website (stat-counter widget), please click here​​​​​​.

B.2 The Easy Way

  1. Enter your website's Editor
  2. Go to the Editor's App market (Add apps button)
  3. Search for Visitor Analytics, click on Add to site --> Add app
  4. Set up your widget as you please (visible/invisible on your live website), then Publish your changes

You can easily manage your statistics now – using either the Widget app (see "View Stats" button) and/or the Dashboard App (go to your Wix Dashboard -> Apps).

Important notes:

  • If the widget was accidentally removed, the dashboard app will be deleted as well, so the tracking will not be performed anymore. Hence, our advice is to re-add the app as soon as possible. By doing this you make sure that your data is not lost for a long time period.
  • You can add the widget multiple times, on different pages, or on the same page with a different purpose (E.g. one widget for showing "all visitors" and one for "page visits")

Explanation Video