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About Us

White Label Analytics - Analytics as a Service

Are you offering a software in which you would like to include advanced stats, analytics & visitor feedback tools for your customers? Everything without the use of cookies?

White label & Agency Analytics

All tools directly integrated in your platform without having to take care of anything? We got your back with our business-to-business solutions, user friendly and powerful tools!

Offer your clients our user friendly website analytics directly integrated into your platform and under your brand style. Just contact us or check out our showcase.

Software Development Kit (coming soon)

1. Download

2. Follow the instructions

3. Offer our tools to your clients

Benefits of Our White Label Analytics for Business to Business Solutions

Seamless Integration into your platform

A connection can be made via the iframe technology, which entails no extra effort for you.

A deep integration via direct control of our API is also possible, which gives you complete freedom in the data presentation to your users.

Tailored functionalities for your clients

Offer a default analytics solution to your clients with a tailored set of features, statistics based on your client’s needs.

Improve user experience and satisfaction.

Flexible pricing

Upsell it to your clients or offer it for free. Individual and flexible pricing based on your individual needs.

Increase user adoption by offering a valuable extra feature.

Fitting any corporate style

Easy integration with your platform and your corporate identity. The white label analytics system means that the embedded analytics platform adapts to your identity.

Make all these useful tools available to your clients


Everything about the latest visitors for your clients' website

Latest Visitors

See all latest visitors listed in one detailed table with individual session histories

Map of Visitors

Check the global distribution of a website's traffic

Traffic Charts

All about the timewise distribution of your clients website's traffic

Campaigns' Charts

Multiple traffic charts of visitors coming from utm parameter campaigns

Session Recordings

See actual (anonymous) video footage of how visitors browse a website


 Identify hotspots and coldpoints on websites at a glance

Conversion Funnels

Check how many visitors are actually converting on a website


Integrate quick feedback bubbles directly in your website pages! Quick, real & direct visitors’ feedback!


Create long questionnaires on separate pages for any type of participant! Get real & direct visitors’ feedback to your questions!


Getting even more detailed information about the geo-data of visitors

Page Visits

See the actual number of visits for all pages of a website

Landing Pages

Overview of where website visitors started browsing on a website

Conversion Tracking

Define your conversion pages and see the success of a website live

Referring Websites

See what third party websites or URLs send visitors to a website!


Everything about devices, browsers, operating systems & screen resolutions of website visitors!

Campaigns overview

Automatically generated overview of most important data of utm parameter campaigns.

Campaign visitors

All latest visitors listed in one detailed table coming via utm parameter campaigns!

Competition Analysis

Compare your website to others from the same business sector.

Data Privacy & GDPR Compliance

We maintain the highest levels of Data Privacy & GDPR Compliance out of conviction. We do not cross track, we do not work with advertisers and all the data is owned by your client.

Quality support for you and your customers done by us
Increased loyalty due to additional service which is GDPR compliant
Higher customer satisfaction
Strengthened brand awareness

We only track the visitors activity on the website, while other solutions crosstrack the visitors behaviour and use data with third parties for advertising purposes, such as connecting your search history and activity with targeted advertisments.

As we only track websites via our own tracking system, we are in the comfortable position to create and build features which are not possible within platforms like Google Analytics, for example showing the journey of each individual visitor, showing you the referrer of each user or the pages visited from each referrer.

We will continue adding highly effective analytics features to maximize the longterm value add for your clients.