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A Seamless Integration:

1. Privacy Perfect Web Statistics

Enable your users to easily track website statistics, compare metrics to competitors, create UTM campaigns, and identify what drives traffic and conversions with privacy-focused, cookieless tracking.

2. Visitor Behavior Analytics

Arm your users with visual heatmaps, session recordings, and custom event tracking. Gain insights on clicks, hovers, and scrolls on all page elements, view complete sessions, and create visitor funnels to improve user experience and optimize user flows.

3. Visitor Communication

Enable your users to engage with their website community through interactive polls and surveys. Place users at the center of website design, content, and development, and make better-informed decisions based on their feedback.


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  • GetApp
  • Software Advice
  • Capterra
  • GetApp
  • Trustpilot

The Perfect Addition to Your Current Offering

For Website Builders

Don’t abandon your users at “go live”. Arm them with the most popular website analytics platform on Wix, all within your own branding. Give them the insights they need to understand and optimize their websites.

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For Privacy Software

Go a step further on your privacy journey by supplementing your solution with privacy-perfect Website Intelligence. You own these features under your own brand; we remain invisible.

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For Other SaaS

If you have marketers in your ICP, then chances are that 3AS could be a great fit. Provide great added value to your platform users and give them another reason to keep coming back.

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For Web Agencies

Share the fruits of your labors directly with your clients, with clear and comprehensive Website Intelligence. Increase the value of your services and provide new features all within your own branding.

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Your Benefits

  • Zero integration cost and only minimal time investment, using our iFrame SDK.
  • Dramatically increase customer loyalty & satisfaction
  • Upsell your clients & create a substantial new revenue stream
  • Find more time to focus on your core business
  • Provide a whole set of new high-performance features to your users with almost zero effort
  • Create awareness by reaching new audiences
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Your Clients’ Benefits

  • Enable your clients to compliantly capture 100% of their traffic data
  • Every web analytics feature your clients need in one platform
  • Safeguard your clients’ visitor data with the highest privacy standards
  • Easy onboarding & use for extensive data insights
  • And so much more
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Thousands of Delighted Users

Great piece of analytics software!

I love how easy it is to access information quickly on the main page. It's very well laid out for the user and the design is simple, but modern. I love being able to see my top referrers without clicking around, it helps me keep track of the performance of ads I may be running to direct traffic to my site. I also being able to see the returning visitors - once one of them contacts you, so you can go see which pages they checked out and have a better idea of how educated they are about the services you offer.

Amber N.
User on WiX

Amazing and easy layout of what is going on

WOW WOW WOW, I am using both Google analytics and Visitor Analytics, but because the Visitor analytics is so amazingly integrated with our wix website it is the one I use most often and rely on what it tells me about our users. I like the app and the way it works.

Anelja N.
User on WiX

Simple but Powerful

I love the product. It's easy to use, it does the job, and it's design is beautiful. Also, the customer service is on point! The interface is extremely user-friendly and welcoming - The MAP!! LOVE THE MAP!! It allows you to see what tower someone's IP is pinging off of, giving you a fairly accurate idea of the location of the visitor - No bugs! This thing just works.

Justin H.
User on WiX

It's a must have

Just knowing that people are visiting your website and seeing that they are looking at pages on it is an encouragement to keep on going, and not give up. When I first started out, I probably would have quit, but knowing that people were interested and looking kept me going. I'm so glad that in installed this app. Give it a try!

David B.
User on Standalone

Take a Deeper Look Into 3AS

Analytics-as-a-Service (3AS) is a completely unique offering and therefore you may want to dive a little deeper. It’s very rare that you have the opportunity to extend a completely new set of features to your customers, with minimal development effort, zero fees, and revenue sharing in place. This is a proven approach, already generating more than €2.5m for one of the world’s leading web builders - no risk, all reward.