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How to install Visitor Analytics on Wordpress

Two options. Same Result.

We are now part of the WordPress community. You can add Visitor Analytics to your WordPress site directly from the Plugins Market.

Basic installation

1. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard

2. Select the Plugins menu

3. Hit the Add new button

4. Now, you can browse through the plugins or search directly for visitoranalyticsio (easiest way), or you can also upload the plugin in .zip format, if you downloaded it before.

Get a better understanding of how to install the app, checking out the following video:

You can also check further FAQs about using Visitor Analytics on WordPress

Further possibility

More than that, if you do not want to install the plugin, you can simply add a script (our tracking code) to the source code of your website, following these steps:

  1. Copy your Tracking code
  2. Log into your WordPress account 
  3. Click Plugins button within the left sidebar
  4. Click Add New and search for Header and Footer Scripts
  5. Make sure that you install and activateit
  6. Click on the Settings menu item
  7. Select Header and Footer Scripts
  8. Enter your Tracking code into the Header or Footer field and select Save settings

Important note:  If you do not want to use a plugin that allows you to add scripts such as Header and Footer Scripts, or the plugin isn't working for you, you can still track your self-hosted WordPress site by adding the tracking code to your theme's footer.php file.

Open your theme's footer.php file in the WP editor, and paste in your tracking code right before the closing </body> tag.