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Visitor Analytics Infographic _HOw to write SEO friendly content

Featured Article

2 minutes reading time

Infographic : How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Learn how to write content in order to increase your presence on search engine pages and drive traffic to your website. Before you start writing there is a set of questions you need to...

Click heat map overview example

Using website heatmap tools to improve UX & conversions

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Beginners guide blog post in Visitor Analytics

The Beginner’s Guide to Visitor Analytics

2 minutes reading time

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5 Social Media Analytics You Should Be Tracking and Why

Staying on top of your social media analytics is critical to achieving your communication KPIs and executing your social media strategy.

8 of the best website heatmap tools, with session recordings (2020)

Many apps offer heatmaps and session recordings. Here are the 8 we think are the most relevant for 2020. We compare prices, plan limits and functionality to help you decide which are the best heatmap tools for you and your website needs. Hotjar,…

An overview of regulations after Schrems II and Privacy Shield invalidation

How do you properly implement cookie consent banners? How do you deal with personal data of EU citizens if you use US services for your website? EU - US personal data transfer is illegal. Read about all of the consequences of the Schrems II case and…

Visitor Analytics reaches 1000 reviews on Wix

After almost 5 years as an app in the Wix App Market, Visitor Analytics confirms its popularity by reaching 1000 reviews, with 80% 5-star ratings. This encourages us to move forward and strive to provide the best possible services.

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